PA Looking to Mend Relations With US Administration

A senior official in Ramallah revealed to Israeli daily Israel Hayom on Monday that the Palestinian Authority and Washington have been exchanging messages in an effort to smooth things...

One Year After Launch, Jerusalem Express Train Finally Arrives in Tel Aviv

CTech – Israel’s national train company Israel Railways announced Friday it has completed a first trial ride on the 57-kilometers-long electric train route connecting Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon station and...

Netanyahu: Arab Countries See Israel as ‘Indispensable Ally’ Against Iran – The Arab world’s perception of Israel is undergoing a seismic shift, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. Addressing a 200-strong crowd in Jerusalem at the kick-off event...

Sudan Casts Doubt on Early Normalization of Ties With Israel

Sudan cast doubt on Tuesday on an early normalization of historically-hostile ties with Israel, a day after Israeli officials said the two countries’ leaders had met and were working towards that...

Israeli Leaders Ring in Subdued Independence Day Celebrations

Israel kicked off festivities marking its 72nd Independence Day on Tuesday night with the traditional torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Due to coronavirus-related restrictions, the event was pre-recorded...

MK Yehuda Glick Attacked at Mourning Tent of Killed Arab – A suspect was arrested on Friday in connection with the assault on former Likud MK Yehuda Glick a day earlier, at the mourning tent of an autistic...
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