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MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Kiddush Club

WATCH. LEARN. LISTEN. SHARE. By Amudim Community Resources. Please visit www.amudim.org for more information.

A Moshe Rabbeinu for Each Generation

By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon In honor of the 11th of Nissan next week, which is the Rebbe’s birthday, I would like to share some thoughts about our Rebbe. I find that it...

New Genazym Catalogue: Collection Of Rare Sefarim And Manuscripts Packed With Fascinating Discoveries And...

Just a few months after Genazym Auction House surprised us with their magnificent catalogue of antiques, they have come out again with their new catalogue; beautifully organized and laid...

Early Bird Registration for OU’s Torah New York Ends March 18

Top scholars to address #METOO, addiction, and politics at 2nd Annual Day of Learning April 29 NEW YORK – Leading rabbinic scholars, educators and Jewish communal leaders will be featured...

Back to Basics

The Spiritual Food Cycle By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon As we find ourselves between Purim and Pesach, foods of different types take on extra meaning and deserve some attention to ensure that...

From Where I Stand

Bar Mitzvahs and Parshas Vayakhel By Rabbi Yossy Goldman “See G-d has appointed Betzalel, the son of Uri, the son of Chur of the tribe of Judah.” —Sh’mos 35:30. Chur, Betzalel’s grandfather,...

From Kiddush Clubs to Purim Parties: What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

By Zvi Gluck While there are many people and organizations that issue pre-Purim warnings about excessive alcohol consumption, the sad reality is that drinking is a concern in our community...

Law to help ‘agunot’ passes first reading in Knesset

(March 6, 2018 / JNS) A new bill that would allow Israel’s rabbinical courts to extend sanctions to non-Israeli Jewish men who refuse to grant divorces, also called gets in Hebrew, to their wives passed...

A Rabbi’s Take On #METOO

by Rabbi Tuvia Teldon My wife and I moved to Long Island over 40 years ago. Both of us are shomer negiah, and throughout the years we’ve never touched members...

Unmasking The Purim Paradox

By Yochanan Gordon The month of Adar is synonymous with joy and festivities. And while there is great depth and significance to the joy of Purim, it is the type...

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Jewish Groups Applaud Antisemitism Awareness Act

Jewish organizations welcomed legislation introduced by group of bipartisan lawmakers that seeks to codify a working definition of antisemitism into the U.S. education system. Titled...

Israeli Professor Elected to WHO Executive Board

Professor Itamar Grotto — an associate director-general at the Israeli Health Ministry — was elected on Friday to the Executive Board of the UN’s...

Secretary of State Promises Antisemitism Monitor

JNS.org – At a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised that he would work towards an appointment...

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