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A Legal Services Forum on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Boro Park Y, sponsored by Assemblyman Dov Hikind, saw a turnout of nearly one hundred Boro Park and Flatbush...

Rabbis Launch War on Self-Locking Doors

Prominent Hasidic and Lithuanian Ultra-Orthodox rabbis are demanding that public institutions avoid installing self-locking door handles, which make it impossible to open rooms' doors from the outside. According to the...

Yeshivat Torah V’avodah Appoints New Rosh Yeshiva

Bnei Akiva of North America (BANA) (www.bneiakiva.org) and Yeshivat Torah v’Avodah (YTVA) (www.tvaisrael.org) are excited to announce the hiring of Rav Yair Eisenstock (HaLevi) as rosh yeshiva to work...

Insights on The Torah

Reclaiming Our Free Choice By Five Towns Marriage Initiative The Midrash Rabbah on Parashas Bo (13:3:2) says that when Pharaoh witnessed the plagues and did not take their lessons seriously, he...

Former Rabbinic Aide, Ex-Fundraiser for NYC Congressman, Charged with Immigration Fraud

A former rabbinical aide who may hold the fate of a United States representative in his hands has been arrested on immigration-fraud charges, federal authorities said on Friday. According to...

Dear Rabbi Gil Steinlauf: You sure made a splash yesterday when, as the senior rabbi of Adas Israel (the largest Conservative synagogue in Washington DC) you announced that you are...

Welcome Back To Har Torah

Yeshiva Har Torah welcomed back its students for the start of its 26th year. Over 600 students gathered in the school parking lot for a welcoming assembly. Tehillim, the...

“Women Of The Wall” Director arrested

Anat Hoffman, Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center and Chair of Women of the Wall, was arrested at the Western Wall mid-prayer. Last night, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan eve,...

Kosher Diapers a Hit with Orthodox Brooklyn Moms

We got a Kosher Kitchen, Kosher Food, Kosher Soap and now there are Kosher Diapers Observant Jews aren’t supposed to open regular disposable diapers with adhesive glue-laden fasteners during the...

Bushwick Musician an Underground Stylist for Chasidic Women’s Wigs

BUSHWICK – In her makeshift salon stuffed with hair color vats, vintage mirrors, a swirly leather chair and a helmet-style hairdryer, Sarah Nowicki juggled multiple clients to kick off the week....

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Anger Management

Q. I have been reading your column for a few years. There are times that I disagree with your thoughts, but by and large...

The Week In Review at MTA

MTA Juniors Volunteer At Koshertroops Chesed is an integral part of programming at MTA, as well as a core value the yeshiva instills within its...

MTA Juniors Spend Inspiring Shabbos In Yeshiva

By: Elishama Marmon (‘20) On Shabbos, November 9-10, Rabbi Mendelson’s Eleventh Grade shiur enjoyed a Shabbos in yeshiva with their rebbe. In addition to inspiring...

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