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Rabbi Yitz Greenman Appointed Executive Director Of Aish HaTorah Worldwide

The director general of Aish HaTorah, Rabbi Steven Burg, has appointed Rabbi Yitz Greenman as executive director of Aish HaTorah. In his new role, which begins immediately, Rabbi Greenman...

Jewish Professor Murdered by Arabs In Ukraine University

A Jewish professor on the faculty of the university in Lviv, Ukraine, whose last name is Freifeld, was murdered by three Arab students, Arutz Sheva has learned. According to initial...

France’s Le Pen: Call for Ban on Jewish Yarlmukas Made in “Name of Equality”

French far right leader Marine Le Pen has confirmed her call to outlaw Jewish skullcaps and Muslim veils in all public places on Saturday, a day after her statement...

The Melody Of My Life

Book Reviewed By Yochanan Gordon It is said that man represents an entire world. Chazal say that one who saves just one soul is considered to have saved an entire...


The forthcoming installation of a new president at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah is scheduled to include a “Roundtable” entitled “Training New Rabbis for a New Generation,” featuring the newly installed...

Bushwick Musician an Underground Stylist for Chasidic Women’s Wigs

BUSHWICK – In her makeshift salon stuffed with hair color vats, vintage mirrors, a swirly leather chair and a helmet-style hairdryer, Sarah Nowicki juggled multiple clients to kick off the week....

An Evening To Benefit Yeshiva Nishmas HaTorah

By Liba Lieberman Yated Ne’eman As the rain poured down on Thursday evening, June 13, over 200 members of the community came out in the daunting weather for an evening to...

A Celebration Of Torah

Photos by IVAN H. NORMAN The 23rd annual siyum of Yeshiva of Far Rockaway took place on Sunday, June 11. Close to 100 boys completed the Masechta Kiddushin.

Yeshiva Har Torah Students Advance To National Finals Of Chidon HaTanach

Two Yeshiva Har Torah students–sixth-grader Eden Eini and seventh-grader Zachary Kalker–have qualified as national finalists for the Chidon HaTanach. The national phase of the Chidon, which some have called...

The Shabbos Factor

By Larry Gordon Anti-Defamation League executive director emeritus Abe Foxman believes that Shabbos might be implicated by the press in some of the perceived bungling plaguing the first two weeks...

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Yid Parenting: Parenting Solo

Question: I’ve read with interest your parenting column, and I greatly enjoy it. Your advice is spot-on, but there is one point I would like...

Print This Out Before You Buy Arba Minim

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5tjt.com LULAV The lulav must be four tefachim from where the lowest leaves are connected to the spine until the...

Security Experts: Threat of Cyber Attack on Israel Growing

The ability of Israel’s enemies to target civilians and members of the armed forces with cyberattacks is growing, security experts have warned. In August, the...

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