Nurturing the Tefillah of Our Children

By Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW-R As a son of a community rabbi and principal, one of my earliest memories is of dreading the High Holy Days. I used to literally...

Under 21 and Halacha

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for It was 1984, when things kind of changed in the United States. From the 1970s until 1984, the minimum drinking age in New York was...

Jewish Agency’s New Chairman Herzog Embarks on U.S. Tour

  On his first trip abroad since assuming office last week, Isaac Herzog, The Jewish Agency for Israel’s new Chairman of the Executive, visited Jewish Federations in New York, Boston and...

Op-Ed: Jewish Life Is Thriving At Princeton University

The following was written as a response to The Algemeiner’s 2018 list of the most challenging North American campuses for Jewish students. Jewish life at Princeton University is thriving. Every week,...

How to Keep V’Ahavta L’Rayacha Flowing

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for There is a fascinating Ramah (YD end of Siman 240) which cites the Maharik who rules that there is no obligation to listen to...

MEOR NYU’s Mission Of Inspiring And Empowering The Next Generation

By Rochelle Maruch Miller If you had the power to save a Jewish life, would you hesitate for even a moment? To help make that happen, Alex and Esther Shulman,...

Increasing Acceptance for Intermarriage with Non-Orthodox Jews

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for Recently The Forward published an article summarizing a study by Interfaith Family tracking the uptick in Reform and Reconstructionist rabbis who will perform intermarriages. Reform...

Son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Has Bar Mitzvah at Age 71

Robert Meeropol was six when his parents, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were executed in 1953 by the U.S. government as spies for the Soviet Union. On Aug. 2 at...

Why Israelis Aren’t As Worked Up About the Kotel As Diaspora Jews

The future of prayer at the Western Wall has become one of the most contentious issues among Diaspora Jewry in the past year, mainly as a result of the...

A Hidden Secret in Tu B’Av

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for There is a hidden secret in the day of Tu B’Av - a day that comes six days after Tisha b’Av.  Not too many...

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Seasons Supermarket, Chapter 11, and Rashi veZos HaBracha

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for Season’s Supermarket.  Chapter Eleven bankruptcy.  Rashi on Moshe Rabbeinu’s bracha regarding Shaivet Levi.  And the Chofetz Chaim. What do they...

There Is No Simcha Without Good Wine

By Gabriel Geller Sukkos and Simchas Torah are the holidays that most symbolize and highlight the importance of serving G-d and follow his Torah with...

Hop and Happy Mess: Falling in Love With Sukkot

For Yael Michaely, her husband Boaz, and their three young children, feeling at home in their new country began in earnest one autumn evening...

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