US Boycotts Ahmadinejad’s Speech, Canadians Walk Out

The United States’ delegation boycotted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday. The Canadian delegation left the assembly as he took the podium. A US...

Rabbi Perl to Joan Rivers “Can We Talk?” The Tragic Cremation of Joan...

We recognize and appreciate Joan Rivers robust defenses of Israel during the summer's Gaza War. To learn of the circumstances of the passing of Joan Rivers was sad, but even...

Hoshana Rabbah, Shmini Atzeres, and Simchas Torah

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman HOSHANA RABBAH   Hoshanah Rabbah is a very holy and special day. It means the “great salvation” and is celebrated on the seventh day of Sukkos. The judgment...

Jewish Leaders Attend NYC Red Carpet Premier

Grammy Award-Winning Violinist / female IDF soldier Miri Ben-Ari Gives Spellbinding Performance NEW YORK, NY — Over 400 Jewish leaders, community members and media attended last night's Red Carpet Premier...

Baha’aloscha: Timeless Torah From Where I Stand

By Rabbi Yossy Goldman “And the Ark of the Covenant of Hashem journeyed before them”– Bamidbar 10:33 I believe, you believe, we all believe. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. Yet not...

Camp Munk pays tribute to Rabbi Eli Munk

  With the camp season in full swing, parents are gearing up for visiting day. Nostalgia sets in; “Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were campers and staff members?” For...

Amazon Blasted over Nazi Camp Puzzle

Online retail giant Amazon has come under fire over the sale of a jigsaw puzzle that depicts ovens at the crematorium at the Nazi death camp of Dachau, a...

Camp HASC Simchaton: An Unforgettable Simchas Torah

By Mrs. Reeba Oestrich, Principal Camp HASC Academics Program While Camp HASC has become synonymous with high-quality care, recreation, and education for individuals with special needs for seven weeks during the...

Ki-Seitzei: DIY Judaism

From Where I Stand By Rabbi Yossy Goldman ×›×™ יפול הנופל ממנו Should any man fall from it. –Devarim 22:8 Where do I fit in with Destiny? This week we read, “Ki sivneh bayis chadash...

Report: Likud and United Torah Judaism Deal On the Rocks

UTJ source tells Arutz Sheva that Likud has retracted prior agreements to repeal criminal sanctions from Enlistment Law. By Haim Lev, Cynthia Blank, INN Reports Saturday night indicate that negotiations talks...

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Keepin’ Hanukkah With Traditional Scottish ‘Keepin’ Cakes’

Get ready to light the first Hanukkah candle, sing songs, play dreidel games, and, of course, eat. (Hanukkah takes place this year starting on...

The Life Of Olga Elek, Part 18

Please note: Parental discretion is advised, as this series of articles may be too disturbing or graphic for children. In Part 17, Olga begins to...

Mysterious Waze

Whenever you want to go anywhere, there’s traffic. And people know this. That’s why when you get there, everyone asks, “How was traffic?” “Traffic was...

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