“Barelybars” in Halacha By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

No.  “Barelybars” are not a type of chocolate bar.  They are something else, and the importance of knowing their halachos is something that is pretty imperative to know.  Some...

Chassidic Jew Carries Olympic Torch (Video)

Chassidic London Jew Ephraim Goldstein carried the Olympic torch Monday. He has worked with seven charities and runs a soup kitchen. Many members of the London Jewish community turned out...

Mehadrin Closure Raises Concerns for Rosh Hashanah Poultry Supply; End of an Era for...

The news that Mehadrin Poultry in Birdsboro PA closed its doors earlier this month is creating some uncertainty about the supply of kosher birds for this coming Rosh Hashanah....

IOC President Honors Israelis Killed in ’72 Munich Games

LONDON – IOC President Jacques Rogge paid tribute Monday to the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches killed in Munich 40 years ago, leading a solemn minute of silence in...

Health Board Set to Hear Heated Topic Of Metzitzah B’peh

New York's Board of Health usually deals with topics like lead paint and tuberculosis, but this week is expected to draw heated arguments on two contentious subjects: a ban...

Interesting Rulings of Rav Elyashiv Zatzal – By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

The term Naflah Ateres Rosheinu is an expression found in the fifth chapter of Eicha.  It means “the crown of our head has fallen.”  It certainly applies to our...

Swiss Hospitals Ban Circumcision

Two Swiss hospitals have banned circumcision, accepting the ruling of a German court that ruled the Jewish and Muslim rite illegal but ignoring a German resolution protecting the custom,...

The Olympic Committee Refuses to Honor The Munich Massacre of 12 Israeli Athletes HY”D

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has already stated that the opening ceremony of the London Summer Olympics is “not fit” to remember the Munich Massacre of 12 Israeli athletes,...

Israel Museum to Introduce Sex-Segregated Visiting Hours for Ultra-Orthodox Exhibit

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem will have separate visiting hours for men and women to its new exhibit about Hasidic Jews. For the first time, the museum decided to...

Judge Noach Dear Sacked After Beer Blunder

Judge Noach Dear has been booted from Brooklyn Criminal Court a month after his bizarre ruling barred police from ticketing public drinkers unless cops lab-tested their booze. The ouster comes...

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The Life Of Olga Elek, Part 18

Please note: Parental discretion is advised, as this series of articles may be too disturbing or graphic for children. In Part 17, Olga begins to...

Mysterious Waze

Whenever you want to go anywhere, there’s traffic. And people know this. That’s why when you get there, everyone asks, “How was traffic?” “Traffic was...

Halachic Musings: Thanksgiving

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman It could be known as the “Great Modern-Orthodox/Yeshivesh Divide,” although it has not yet entered the list of “Shidduch questions” that...

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