New Video Series Discovers Hidden Lessons For Our Future From Israel’s Archaeological Past

Does the blueprint from our future lie in secrets from Israel’s past? Viewers are invited to join Ohr Torah Stone President and Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander in his...

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation using Micro Needling is an incredible tool towards aging backwards. As an acupuncturist, certified makeup artist, and esthetician, I have spent years learning, practicing, and perfecting various...

Monthly Market Report: Forecasts Vs. Facts

By Cheri F. Rosen As the first month of 2023 concludes, do we see the market correction that many predicted? It depends on which market you are referring to. If...

Nutrition By Tanya: Staying On Track For Simchas

Dear Ahuva, I had a busy week this week. I had a wedding one night, a bar mitzvah another night, and went away for Shabbos. I was so proud of...

Take Better Hearing To Heart

February is National Heart Month, and that means focusing on ears too. Cardiovascular disease and hearing loss are linked, making it important to prioritize both ears and the heart...

Beilinson Hospital Hosts Israel’s First Conference On AI’s Impact On Healthcare

Beilinson Hospital, one of Israel’s largest medical centers, hosted the Medical AI Roadmap Conference this week, bringing together Israel’s leading doctors, academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs to discuss the impact...

Coming To Terms With Drought

We have a tendency to forget that while we are always on the lookout for situations where we might have to watch out for flooding or an overabundance of...

Karin Holtzer’s Menorah Miracle

Chanukah is a festival proclaiming miracles and deliverance, light and happy endings. Recently, Karin Holtzer experienced a Chanukah miracle of her own that brought light and unity to Am...

A Life Of Remarkable Chesed: Gerald Feldhamer

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman There are great individuals who surround us, and yet because of their quiet demeanor, one hardly knows of their greatness. This past Wednesday marked the shloshim...

In Control

Dear Ahuva, I am so proud of myself that I didn’t “cheat” this week because I had a crazy week full of simchas. I mean I may have taken more...
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Pharmacy Hang-Ups

My mother always said that regardless of how bad things are, they can always be worse. She was right. For a long time I...

Syria Appeals To Israel For Help Via Russia Following Devastating Earthquake

(February 6, 2023 / JNS) Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime sent Israel a “near unprecedented” appeal for aid following the severe earthquake that hit the country on...

Parashas Yisro: Taking Notice

How do we relate to what happens around us? Do we notice the subtle or even the obvious? Do we allow our observations to...


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