Living In The Present

Advice From YidParenting By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q: Now that Chanukah is over, my wife and I want to vent. What is going on with this world? Why do kids need...

Twos Don’t Have To Be Terrible

By Zahava Goldstein, MS Ed. I would venture to guess that as adults we would not want our schedules to be dictated by others or to be denied the very...

Navigating A Brighter Future

Frum Divorce’s Mission Of Hope For Parents And Children By Rochelle Maruch Miller Divorce can be a most traumatic, life-altering experience, leaving families bereft and broken. For the Torah-observant Jew, divorce...

Achiezer Sets Another Trailblazing Standard

On Tuesday, May 31, Achiezer introduced SpecialCare+, a first-ever forum for parents and caregivers of the special-needs community, providing them access to information, support, and resources that are available...

Respect vs. Friendship

Advice From YidParenting By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q.  There is something that’s been grating on my nerves for a while, and I’m wondering what you think about it. I get the...

Dating Forum Preview: Second Marriages; Second Chances

When your loved one places demands on you while resisting any change himself. What to do? Read the full column as well as Baila Sebrow's other insightful columns on...

Dating Forum Preview: Let The Good Times Roll

In this week's Dating Forum in the 5TJT, Baila Sebrow answers a question on everyone's minds - are singles having too much fun to "settle down"? Read her response...

Advice From YidParenting

By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. I’m at my wit’s end. I can’t afford to send my kids to camp, so they’re staying home with me. My children are naturally upset...

Advice From YidParenting

By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q: As our children are getting older, we’re scared they will hear about the crazy things going on in the world. Terrorists are shooting up places...

Dating Forum Preview: Waiting for a Ring Question: I've dated a man for many years, mostly on and off. In between,we were both married to different people. We each went through hell in those marriages. I know...

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New York state councilman sorry for suggesting Orthodox Jews aren’t ‘normal’

(JTA) — A councilman in upstate New York apologized for a text that juxtaposed Orthodox Jews with “normal” ones. Peter Bradley, a member of the...

William Goldman, who wrote ‘Princess Bride’ and ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,’ dies...

(JTA) — William Goldman, a novelist and screenwriter who twice won the Oscars for his work on “All the President’s Men” and “Butch Cassidy...

Anger Management

Q. I have been reading your column for a few years. There are times that I disagree with your thoughts, but by and large...

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