Not Too Young For Shul By Imma Dearest

I was going to write about Yom Kippur but Mordechai Schmutter did such an excellent job of it in his hilarious article “Fast Approaching” that I suggest you all...

Air Out The Car

By Mordechai Schmutter The following is a list of thoughts that went through my head on the way to and from my brother’s wedding. He had the chutzpah to get...

Establishing A Routine With Your Toddler

By Zahava Goldstein, MS When coming home with toddlers after a vacation or even after a few days without their usual structured schedule, it is important to reestablish their routine...

Conquering With Kindness

By Yochanan Gordon The 33rd annual Kinus Hashluchim of Chabad was held Sunday night at Pier 8 in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. The mammoth pier was transformed for...

Advice From YidParenting

Money, Part 1 By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. My question is regarding my eight-year-old son and his interest in money. I am thinking about giving him an allowance or some way...

Advice From YidParenting

Time To Daven By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q: My children (boys and girls from ages 3 to 13) have no desire to daven, and it really bugs me. I always daven...

letters to THE EDITOR

No Panacea For OTD Dear Editor, Rabbi Hoffman, I read and reread your article about Sarah Schenirer and OTD youth. (“Sarah Schenirer’s Unfulfilled Legacy,” March 20) I admire your passion and...

A Friendship In Jeopardy

By Hannah Berman Sometimes two women become close friends, but their husbands don’t hit it off and are simply polite and respectful when in each other’s company. Fortunately, that was not...

Michelle Rubinstein At One Year: Her Light Still Flickers

By Jacob Rubinstein One of the eminent traditions of a yahrzeit tribute is the yahrzeit candle. The Yaavetz in Kesubos 103a points to a pasuk in Mishlei (20:27) as the...

Advice From YidParenting

Listening To Music, Part 1 By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. Over the past few months, you have helped so many parents with all types of problems. We decided to add a fun...

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IDF Officer Wounded by Palestinian Sniper: I Was Saved by a Miracle

IDF Lieutenant Bar Vaknin of the elite Givati Brigade declared on Sunday that he was saved by a miracle after being shot in the...

Groups Demand U of Michigan Sanction Educators Advocating BDS

Nearly 60 organizations called on University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel to sanction professors at the public research university who engage in the BDS movement. They...

Israeli Report Shows How Syrian Fire Took Down Russian Plane

Following an urgent meeting between Israeli and Russian military officials after the downing of a Russian spy plane over Syria, a 40-page report reveals...

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