Advice From YidParenting

Back To School, Part 2 By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Last week, we discussed how to decide which track your kids should be placed into in yeshiva. This week, we’re going to...

Advice From YidParenting

To Be A Rebbe, Part II By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Occasionally, the article I write generates a lot of conversation (which is a polite way of saying controversy). The last article...

How To Praise A Child

By Zahava Goldstein Praising a child may appear to be simple, but the wording used is essential to the message we are trying to convey. As parents, we often tell...

Co-Parenting In Separation

By Dr. Alan Winder Couples going through the separation/divorce process are faced with many aspects of their lives that need to be negotiated and resolved. These aspects are diverse, mostly...

Fair-Weather Friends

By Hannah Reich Berman Without having conducted a study on the topic, I am of the belief that, with the exception of skiers, most people do not like the winter...

How To Talk So That Your Child Can Listen

By Zahava Goldstein From the day you come home with your newborn, you begin speaking to your baby. We hear ourselves saying, “Oh, you sound hungry; let Mama feed you,”...

Israeli Legislators Approve Bill to Give Fathers ‘Nursing Hour’

The ‘Egalitarian Parenting bill' is meant to encourage fathers to be more active in raising their children. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The Ministerial Committee for Legislation authorized the “Egalitarian Parenting bill”...

Co-Parenting, Part 2: Damage Control

Dr. Alan Winder Sometimes, positive co-parenting between separating or divorced parents is impossible, and in such situations, it’s time for damage control. In the previous article, I discussed how parents...

Like Mother, Like Daughter

By Hannah Reich Berman Some forty years ago, I overheard a telephone conversation that my then-teenage daughter was having with one of her friends. These two girls, along with several...

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Moshe Lion to be next mayor of Jerusalem

By Uzi Baruch (Arutz Sheva) - Moshe Lion is the next mayor of Jerusalem, after winning 51.5 percent of the votes in Tuesday’s runoff. His rival Ofer...

Ask The Expert: Michael Deutsch Of Arrow Exterminating

By Rochelle Miller Named “Best Pest Control Company” by New York Magazine, Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. has been serving New York City, the five boroughs,...

Grand Gestures

In some instances, firstborn grandchildren get more out of their grandparents than the younger ones do. Clearly, that was the case in my family....

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