Bring Out The Crazy Cook

Slice Of Life By Eileen Goltz The holidays tend to bring out the “I am now a crazy cook” in all of us. We search for holiday-specific recipes, using apples and...

New Vitkin Wines From Israel Make A Splash In U.S.

Gabriel Geller of Royal Wine Corp. has tasted thousands of wines from around the world. But as an expert in Israeli wine, when he learned that Royal Wine would...

Re-Examining a Bishul Akum Leniency

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman A friend in the field of Kashrus recently related a quote of Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l. When he heard of the extent of leniencies...

Cool Recipes For A Hot Summer

Hot summer days spent around the pool or at the beach call for cold drinks, refreshing ice pops, and just about anything chilled to help us cool down. The folks...

Post-Holiday Detox

By Elke Probkevitz I love this time of year, when we have reason to celebrate with family, food, and festivities. After a long stretch of holiday season, your body is...

Questionable Kvetching

By Hannah Reich Berman It is well known that at the Passover Seder, the youngest family member will ask the Four Questions. A lesser-known fact is that the holiday inspires...

Baking Bread

By Elke Probkevitz Making bread is one of the most miraculous things: from wheat grown in the fields to a warm loaf of fresh-baked bread, it is wondrous and delicious....

Golan Heights Winery Wins Best Value Award

Sommelier Israel has announced the winners of its “Best Value” awards for 2013, and for the fifth year running, the Golan Heights Winery features heavily. The “Best Value” awards...

Post-Pesach Dutch Pancakes

Slice Of Life By Eileen Goltz We finished the food fest of Pesach, and while we’ve all had the opportunity to gorge ourselves on chametz, we’re probably still shopping for those...

Purloined Esrogim

By Rabbi Meir Orlian Yeshivas Limud HaTorah hosted a lulav-and-esrog fair. “Best selection; best prices!” the signs announced. “A dozen sellers! Prices $60—$250 per set!” Mr. Freilich’s esrogim were good quality;...

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Flooded Wilmington, N.C. Preparing for Yom Kippur

As the 25-hour Yom Kippur fast approaches, Wilmington’s Jews are unsure whether they will have sufficient supplies and shelter before the fast begins. Rabbis,...

New Jersey AG Settles Mahwah Eruv Lawsuit

New Jersey’s Jewish residents, as well as all residents in favor of reasonable free practice of religion, breathed a sigh of relief when a...

Seasons Supermarket Chain Files For Bankruptcy

The Seasons supermarket chain of nine stores, including Central Avenue in Lawrence, New York, filed for bankruptcy protection according to court papers available online...

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