Hosting A Large Gathering

By Elke Probkevitz The typical frum woman is no stranger to hosting and preparing holiday meals. So when Thanksgiving comes around, you can apply your balabusta skills honed during all...

Layered Salads Slice Of Life

By Eileen Goltz Summer is over. Not officially over, but rather in a “school has started, all the pools are closed, and High Holy Day items are in the grocery...

Lake County: The New Napa

By Ari Lockspeiser How do you choose a wine? You might walk in to the store looking for a red or a white, perhaps for a medium dry or a...

Tomato Soup

Slice Of Life By Eileen Goltz I’m a huge fan of tomato soup. What I’m not a fan of is opening a can of the “condensed” stuff and passing it off...

Fantastic Frying

By Elke Probkevitz I don’t fry. I definitely don’t deep-fry. But once a year I whip out my large pot and my huge Costco-size bottle of oil and throw my...

Stop Wine-ing

By Michal Simon, LCSW, CFLE Over the past few years, social media has provided a platform for women to gain access to support as they set out into their personal...

Why is Shmurah Matzah So Expensive?

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman   The prices range from some $13 per pound to upwards of $28 per pound. The not insignificant range in price for handmade matzah invites the question:...

August Adventures in Montana With ‘Rustic Elegance’

Executive Chef Seth Warshaw of New Jersey’s No. 1 steakhouse, ETC Steakhouse, introduces Rustic Elegance and invites you and your family on a weeklong adventure and culinary experience this...

When Mishloach Manot are more than JUST a Basket!

Ordering a Purim basket to Israel is special, however having your 
Mishloach Manot hand-delivered with love is unique. It is this special niche that Gail and David Ehrlich have...

Allie’s Goodies

While some restaurants are experimenting with ingredients that are free of the major allergens, others still don’t want to risk cross-contamination so they avoid gluten-free altogether. With the growing...

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Bennett-Netanyahu meeting ends in decision for new elections

By URI BOLLAG After Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett concluded their meeting it became clear that Israel will hold early elections. A date...

US to vote ‘No’ instead of abstain on UN resolution about Golan

(JTA) — The United States will vote “No” on a UN resolution criticizing Israel’s control of the Golan Heights instead of abstaining as it...

US Air Force concludes international conference in Israel

(Arutz Sheva) - The US Air Force held its F-35 UGWG (Users Group Working Group) in Israel this past week. This is the second year...

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