Food Network Show Stars Jewish-Chinese Chef Molly Yeh

A new Food Network show premiering this month stars best-selling cookbook author, food blogger and chef Molly Yeh, whose one-of-a-kind recipes are inspired by her Jewish-Chinese roots, the Midwest...

How to Make Perfect Latkes for Hanukkah

  By Shannon Sarna This article originally appeared on The Nosher. Making crispy potato latkes is a skill every Jewish cook wants to master. It’s not a big secret. It just requires...

Pereg Natural Foods Serves Up Gluten-Free Dairy Recipes For Shavuot 

Dairy lovers look forward to the holiday of Shavuot, because on this holiday it’s customary to eat dairy foods. Some derive the practice directly from Scripture (Exodus 3:8), saying...

Chimichurri Charcoal Chicken Offers Impeccable Quality and Kashrus

By Rochelle Miller With its unique method of cooking to perfection, using pure wood burners, Chimichurri Charcoal Chicken has changed the glatt kosher dining landscape. Since its opened in 2015,...

Revisiting Concentrated Grape Juice Again

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman The issue of using grape juice from concentrate for Kiddush has been a subject that has gone back and forth many times.  Rav Shlomo Zalman wrote...

The Great British Baking Show Tackles Babka

BY SHANNON SARNA What is going on with The Great British Baking Show?! For the past two weeks of its eighth season, it has featured a Jewish baked good, and I...

A Guide To An Israeli Butcher Shop

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman When Americans travel to Israel for yom tov, they often do one of two things: A. They either bring their choice cuts of meats from the United...

Losing Is Winning With Aliza Beer

By Larry Gordon So you want to lose weight? I mean, really get things in control and trim down? Arguably, that is a difficult goal to achieve without some smart...

Some Small Kosher Food Businesses Hit It Big During Coronavirus

(JTA) — Like many small business owners, Ian Yosef Hertzmark’s small flour operation saw a precipitous drop when the coronavirus pandemic hit the Unites States in March. Almost overnight, Hertzmark’s...

My Journey: Foods We Love And Hate

  By Michele Herenstein There are certain foods that kids hate but come to love as adults. Most kids don’t like coffee, and yet many adults crave coffee. I ordered a...
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