Zakon Wines Perfect For Passover

By Jay Buchsbaum The Maharal compares wine to music. Just as a songwriter’s soul, his shoresh ha’neshamah, goes into his nigun, a winemaker puts his shoresh ha’neshamah into his wine. Yossi...

Freedom from Sweet Wines

By: Jay Buchsbaum - Pesach is the story of our exodus, when we left Mitzrayim and were freed from slavery. I’d like to take the theme of exodus and...

Why is Shmurah Matzah So Expensive?

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman   The prices range from some $13 per pound to upwards of $28 per pound. The not insignificant range in price for handmade matzah invites the question:...

Underage Drinking on Purim – Solutions, Tips and Guidelines

by Sol Auerbach Let me start by saying that in no way are these guidelines and tips meant to encourage underage boys and girls to drink on Purim. The ideal...


Jews around the world prepare to get your celebration mode in gear, it’s time for Purim!! Head to your nearest synagogue, crank up your graggers and get ready to...

The Kosher Food And Wine Experience 2014

By David Kerem It’s no longer a well-kept secret that the kosher wine industry has experienced a renaissance in recent years. The nearly 1,500 people that participated in this year’s...

Ultimate Kosher Foodie Experience

By Elke Probkevitz The kosher event of the year has once again invited us in and fed us to our hearts’ content. It was an event for those in the...

The Dreaded Soufflé

By Elke Probkevitz Just the sound of the word soufflé brings fear to the hearts of even the most experienced cooks. The delicate texture, the time-sensitive nature . . ....

Poaching In Olive Oil

By Elke Probkevitz There are the common, well-known methods of cooking like roasting and sautéing. And then there are methods that are less known but not that difficult. It’s a...

The Magic Of Cauliflower

By Elke Probkevitz Winter produce can be disappointing, with its limited selection. There are not many fresh, bright veggies out there this time of year. Root veggies such as potatoes,...

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Israel Becomes Fourth Country to Launch Mission to Moon

Israel became the first to launch a privately funded mission to the moon, in addition to becoming the fourth country to launch a lunar...

How Karl Lagerfeld Cleansed Chanel of its Nazi Past

  (JTA) — If you walk into any wealthy Jewish American neighborhood, a careful eye will spot designer duds – Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton – sported...

The Way It Is: It Could Always Be Worse

  There is an oft-used expression that goes like this: “Things could always be worse.” Never has this been more evident than it is right...

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