Like Babka? You’ll Love This Recipe for Chocolate Kokosh

This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. BY CHAYA RAPPOPORT If babka is the hip Jewish treat du jour, then kokosh cake is its slightly homelier cousin of yesteryear. But don’t let that description turn...

Free Virtual Wine Events Bring You Inside Israeli Wine Culture

  Have you ever dreamed of a sunset picnic in a historic vineyard? Interested in an exclusive tour of a secret wine cave? Curious about life on a kibbutz winery? Novices...

Shiloh: Wines From the Heart of Eretz Yisrael

By Elchonon Hellinger Shiloh winery is internationally renowned for its superior wines. No less known is the winemaker, Amichai Lurie. Amichai is witty and full of humor. The man is a...

From Sukkos to Simchas Torah, the Party Goes On

By Gabriel Geller Royal Wine/Kedem The two holidays on the Jewish calendar symbolizing the most simcha (joy) are coming upon us. Sukkos and Shemini Atzeres–Simchas Torah are indeed referred to as...

Tanya’s Preparing For Pesach Tips Part 1

Before the Holiday Do not neglect your exercise. Try to stick to your routine as much as possible, even though you have so much more to do. Remember, the cleaning...

Why Would Anyone Do That to a Bagel?

(JTA) — The bread-sliced bagel was an accident. That’s what the former co-owner of Panera, Doron Berger, told me Thursday night. We talked on the phone more than 24 hours...

Why You Should Cook Your Chicken Soup in the Oven

BY RACHEL MYERSON My mom serves matzah ball soup every Friday night (#momgoals), and she’s always made it in the oven. When I left home and found myself without my weekly...

Celebrate Matan Torah With Honorable Wines

By Gabriel Geller of Royal Wine Shavuos is not an eight-day-long yom tov like Succos or Pesach, yet it is no less important. Indeed, as we celebrate matan Torah, we also...

Welcome Back Gribenes!

This article originally appeared on the Nosher. If you’re old enough, you might recall when gribenes — crispy chicken skin, nicknamed “Jewish bacon” — ruled the homemade snack category. Then the cholesterol police...

Nutrition by Tanya: Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

  Dear Alice, I was wondering why you limit foods like olive oil, avocado, nuts, fruit, and certain proteins. Aren’t these foods good for you? On my old diet I was...
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COVID, Sukkot Highlight Our Struggle With Vulnerability

By Lisa Septimus Sukkot was less than a week away, and we still didn’t have decisions on some possible programs. “It’s too early to make...

Stay Safe With Sit Safe

  COVID has changed the world, and everyday life has been turned upside-down, from work to pleasure, from business to family visits. We are living...

Starting 5781 With a Deluxe Car Wash

I like car washes, especially the old-fashioned ones where they let you ride inside the car! What marvelous fun to be safely inside the...

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