Frum & Fit: Is It Possible?

By Malky Zimmerman-Kugel Frum Jews face some real challenges when it comes to being frum and fit. Heavy meals on Shabbos and yom tov. Aside from the negative health aspect of...

Alternative Grains

By Elke Probkevitz Great food requires great cooking with great ingredients. For produce, that means the freshest you can find and, if possible, organically grown. Grains are no different. Even...

Dieting, Anyone?

When I think of dieting, it reminds me of that old W.C. Fields remark, “Quitting smoking was the easiest thing to do, and the proof is I’ve done so...

Aging In Place With Home Care

By Anita Kamiel, RN, MPS Aging in place is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and...

Dear Basya: Lack Of Progress

Dear Basya, I have been on plan since the summer, and I am quite frustrated. I am having trouble losing weight despite being perfectly on plan whenever possible. I do...

The Real Key To Weight Loss

By Dr. Rachael Schindler Learning how to lose weight is the number one reason my clients choose to make a nutrition appointment with me (especially around the holidays). They generally...

The Koko FitClub Revolution

By 5TJT Staff “People are just amazed that it can be so easy to stay fit and healthy.” That’s how Hinda Mizrahi starts to describe the fitness phenomenon that is rocking...

The Medical Marijuana Hechsher: Were Gedolim Consulted?

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Boruch Hashem, Klal Yisroel has Gedolei Torah around. Our Gedolim are the einei Hador — the eys of the generation. We have Gedolei HaPoskim...

Is There A Doctor In The Shul?

Dr. Hylton Lightman, pediatrician and adolescent-medicine practitioner, has relocated his office temporarily into the classrooms in Kneseth Israel, the White Shul. Dr. Lightman’s office was completely wiped out during...

Facts About Anorexia Athletica

By Michele Herenstein When you think of eating disorders, anorexia nervosa might come to mind, as it seems to be the most well-known. However, there are other eating disorders that...

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YOSS Leads Torah Education Gatherings

The opening remarks of any gathering set the tone for inspiration and enthusiasm to all participants. In the past two weeks, Yeshiva of South...

Chesed Around New York With YOSS Zichron Tzirel Program

A lot has been happening in the Yeshiva of South Shore, both within its walls and outside as well. Last week the yeshiva hosted...

CAHAL Kindergarten Learns Sefer Bereishis

Of all the lessons that the Cahal kindergartners at HANC look forward to each week, the most eagerly awaited are those about parashat hashavuah....

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