Is Losing Weight The Unnatural Way Worth It?

By Shirley Bar Way too many people come to me after they have been to conventional diet programs and nutritionists, and they are just sick and tired of being sick...

Transform42: Losing Weight Quickly And Healthily

By Shirley Bar Who knew that after being so skinny as a young girl, I would gain such an enormous amount of weight at age 14? All of a sudden,...

Nutritional Medicine

By Shirley Bar Chlorophyll-Up! Chlorophyll is magic sunshine that heals our body from within. It’s a magic weight-loss pill, health-gain pill, energy pill, beautifying pill, and, simply put, the #1 body...

Olive What He’s Having

By Rabbi Avrohom Sebrow During the Second Temple period, Eretz Yisrael suffered from a great famine. The great sage Rebbe Yochanan HaChorani survived by subsisting on dried bread and salt....

Nutritional Medicine

By Shirley Bar Post-Chag Detox I’m guilty of it, too! So much food, so much time, so much weight-gain! The holidays are behind us but the weight that we packed on...

Nutritional Medicine

By Shirley Bar Getting Rid Of Headaches Millions of people are plagued by headaches. Sometimes these headaches are not severe, but other times headaches can lead to excruciating pain. There are...

It’s All About The Spot

By Hannah Reich Berman There is no mystery about gym membership. Everyone knows that people join gyms to get healthy and to feel good. Health care providers say that it...

Israeli scientists say artificial sweeteners increase risk of diabetes and obesity

Packets of the artificial sweetener Assugrin. Credit: Wikimedia Commons. ( Contrary to popular belief, artificial sweeteners may actually increase the risk of diabetes and obesity, a team of Israeli scientists...

The Layman’s Guide To Surviving Cancer

“You have cancer.” Those words, directed at almost anyone, can have bone-chilling effects. “Cancer” is practically an obscenity, and the people who have it spewed at them often run...

Study Shows Jewish Women Have High Rates of Breast Cancer Even Without Family History

A Women of the Wall prayer service. Photo: Women of the Wall. New York Times — Women of Ashkenazi Jewish descent who tested positive for cancer-causing genetic mutations during random...

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Arizona Amends Anti-BDS law

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill on Tuesday to amend the state’s law prohibiting public contractors from boycotting Israel. The 2016 anti-BDS bill was...

Passover Seder to Be Celebrated in Former Warsaw Ghetto

For the first time since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, some 100 Diaspora Jewish families will celebrate the Jewish festival of redemption in the heart...

19 Ways You Know It’s Passover in Israel

If you’ve never heard an Arab calling out “alter zachen” (“old things”) in Yiddish, then you’ve never experienced pre-Passover preparations in Jerusalem. It’s part...

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