By Elke Probkevitz It seems like every other day, you hear about a new study that comes out hyping the latest superfood that will change your life and give you...

As Ice Bucket Challenge Draws Attention to ALS, Israeli Cure Gathers Pace

An MRI image demonstrating an increased T2 signal within the posterior part of the internal capsule of the brain, consistent with the clinical diagnosis of ALS. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. While...

Barbecues, Tikkun, And Weight Loss

By Yochanan Gordon The Divrei Chaim of Sanz had a son who later became known as the Gollitzer Maggid. One Shabbos, a Jew entered his beis midrash and asked if...

Home Safety For The Elderly, Part III

By Anessa V. Cohen This is the final part of an article that I read written by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, which gives an in-depth home safety...

Home Safety For The Elderly, Part 2

By Anessa V. Cohen This week, we continue with an in-depth home safety guide–specifically for the elderly but also useful for other age groups. The text was written by the...

Israeli hospitals continue to treat sick Gazans despite missile attacks

An injured person taken to Rambam Hospital. Photo: RAMBAM HOSPITAL SPOKESMANn the one hand, they are in Israel and see what Gaza terrorists have done, and at the same...

Home Safety For The Elderly, Part 1

By Anessa V. Cohen I am reprinting the following article published by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, as an in-depth home safety guide for the elderly, although much...

Israeli Bio-Tech in Nasdaq IPO; Miracle White Blood Cell Injection Can Save Diabetics From...

  Main symptoms of diabetes. Photo: WikiCommons. Petah Tikva, Israel-based MacroCure Ltd. filed a prospectus to raise up to $300 million on the Nasdaq, Israel’s Globes business daily reported on Wednesday. MacroCure’s...

Feeling Down, Weighing Up

By Dr. Bo Rosenblat Chief Physician for Dr. Bo’s Diet Have you ever noticed that you feel hungrier or eat more when things in your life are tough or stressful?...

Breathalyzer Test May Detect Deadliest CancerResearchers from Tel Aviv Univers…

Breathalyzer Test May Detect Deadliest Cancer Researchers from Tel Aviv University and partner institutions develop groundbreaking device that spots lung cancer – to stop it in its tracks Tel Aviv – Lung cancer...

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Arizona Amends Anti-BDS law

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill on Tuesday to amend the state’s law prohibiting public contractors from boycotting Israel. The 2016 anti-BDS bill was...

Passover Seder to Be Celebrated in Former Warsaw Ghetto

For the first time since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, some 100 Diaspora Jewish families will celebrate the Jewish festival of redemption in the heart...

19 Ways You Know It’s Passover in Israel

If you’ve never heard an Arab calling out “alter zachen” (“old things”) in Yiddish, then you’ve never experienced pre-Passover preparations in Jerusalem. It’s part...

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