Bnai Zion Foundation to Host Annual NYC Gala

  Bnai Zion Foundation, now in its 110th year of building a more inclusive, healthy, and vibrant Israel, will host its annual New York Gala on Sunday, November 4 at...

WATCH: G-Major Events & Music In Action    

Become A Team Player By Hiring One

By Gershon Veroba Like anyone else working in the same field for a long time, I’ve learned a lot and I am still learning more than I could ever share...

The Evolution: What Happened To Jewish Music?

By Gershon Veroba I grew up in an atmosphere of musical extremes. Both my parents were career wedding performers — my mother specializing in opera and Yiddish, while my father...

Rabenko: Your Face In The Crowd

A photographer’s job involves paying particular attention to faces. A face can convey every bit of emotion one might experience, or it can be tepid. I love blank faces...

Rabenko: Working Conditions

Photographers and videographers need to be more sensitive to clients’ needs and concerns, as well as to the many vendors involved in making each event what it is and...

Social Media: Striving for Awesomeness or Excellence

When you are paying, you need excellence. Other times, awesome is good enough. How exciting it is to be instantly connected! But today some realize that online is often unreal....

Headshots: Meaningful Or Mindless

In this article, I want to talk about headshots. How much of the photographer’s time do headshots take? How much should they cost? Headshots can be a funny topic. Often...

Rabenko: Capturing What Is About to Happen

  The “Original Rabenko.” I am often asked about this, which appears in my ads, cards, and promotional materials. Are you the father? No. Are there two Rabenko photographers? No....

Rabenko: Sliding Distractions

  A slider is a stiff rail or track that most modern videographers think they must have. Often, it sticks out between three and six feet and seems clumsy at...

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Activists Push for Falash Mura to Come to Israel

  Some 8,000 Ethiopian Jews, or Falash Mura, are waiting to make aliyah from Ethiopia, their immigration previously approved in 2015 by a government decision. Israeli...

Collaboration Benefits Jewish Students at University Of Central Florida

Rabbi Yisrael and Tamar Abisror, Yehudi educators, have now officially joined the Central Florida Hillel (CFH) staff at the University of Central Florida. In...

JCC Russian Division Celebrates 25th Anniversary

By Becky Amster It was a classy and elegant event befitting the occasion. On Tuesday evening, October 9, the JCC’s Russian Senior Adult Social Program...

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