Self-Neglect: The Most Common Form Of Elder Abuse

By Anita Kamiel, RN, MPS You travel to check on your 78-year-old mother. You notice she is gaunter than when you saw her last. You see a few weeks of...

Advice From YidParenting

Cellphones By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. My children are begging me for a cellphone. They have reasons ranging from “Everyone else has one” to “It’s easier to keep you updated.” My...

Air Conditioner Left Running

By Rabbi Meir Orlian The Shapiros owned an apartment in Yerushalayim, where they often spent the yamim tovim. Their neighbors, the Landaus, were traveling there for the Yamim Nora’im. “Would...

How To Praise A Child

By Zahava Goldstein Praising a child may appear to be simple, but the wording used is essential to the message we are trying to convey. As parents, we often tell...

Advice From YidParenting

Listening To Music, Part 2 By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Last time, we discussed the issue of children listening to non-Jewish music. I received a lot of e‑mails, many expressing a strong opinion...

Royal Wine Corp. Introduces Boondocks American Whiskey

Royal Wine Corporation is proud to introduce Boondocks American Whiskey. This creation comes from Whisky Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dave Scheurich, who has helped to create some of...

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah With Celebratory Wines

By Gabriel Geller The year 5776 is coming to its end, as is the harvesting season for many wineries. The growth of the kosher wine...

Grand Cook-Off For Laniado Birthing Center Draws 300 Women

In a sign of divine support, the dreary skies parted and the sun’s rays peeked through the clouds on Wednesday, September 14, as close to 300 women arrived at...

Advice From YidParenting

Listening To Music, Part 1 By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Q. Over the past few months, you have helped so many parents with all types of problems. We decided to add a fun...

Infertility: Are We Causing More Pain?

By Dr. Neil Maron As we approach Rosh Hashanah, when we remember that G‑d answered the prayers of Chanah and Rachel to conceive a child, we should be sensitive to...
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Malkie Hirsch: Birthday Memories

By Malkie Hirsch Moshe’s birthday was January 23, 1979. I used to joke, once I got to know him better, that his birthday was so fitting...

‘Finding Your Roots’ Features Three Jewish Stories

(JTA) — The latest episode of PBS’ celebrity genealogy show “Finding Your Roots” was a lesson in Jewish history. Titled “Beyond the Pale” — a reference to...

A Year After Premiere of Who Will Write Our History, Nancy Spielberg Reflects

  By Michele Justic The last time 5TJT interviewed Nancy Spielberg, Who Will Write Our History had not yet made its grand premiere on International Holocaust...

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