Anorexia: The Hidden Disease

Anorexia: The Hidden Disease My Journey By Michele Herenstein If you’re wondering by now how I ended up in Denver, let me continue my tale. I was living in Long Beach and...

Religion Provides Balance and is Good for Family

No matter how “religious” one may be, it may be pressed to find better rules of a happy life than are found in the Ten Commandments. Even if you...

Analyzing Wine: Yayin HaMeshumar

A Review by Rabbi Yair Hoffman There are some topics that have not been adequately dealt with in the world of Sforim. One such topic is wine. Why does...

Israeli-Developed Cancer Drug Found to Effectively Treat Autoimmune Baldness

Alopecia areata is the autoimmune disease that causes baldness. Photo: - Researchers from Israel's Hadassah Medical Center who gave a patient a cancer drug that is being studied...

SKA MACS: Fashion And Style Meet Modesty

It was all about “Getting the Look” on Thursday, March 26, at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls. SKA’s MACS (Modesty Awareness Committee by Students) Team put...

Join All-Female Cycling Team For Camp Simcha, July 7

Tour de Simcha offers you an exciting, magnificent, fully supported ride on July 7. Join ranks with a team of female cyclists to make Camp Simcha a reality for...

Practical Tips For Parenting Your iTeen

By Temima Feldman The phone will never ring quite the same way again once the inevitable moment arrives: your teen has successfully won you over on the tiresome but convincing...

My Journey Anorexia: The Hidden Disease, Part 2

By Michele Herenstein My tale began approximately seven years ago. Thinking back, there may have been signs before then, but nothing that stood out as anorexia. I was living in...

When Fashion, Creativity, And Inspiration Met: Ohr Naava Brooklyn MRKT 2015

What compelled hundreds of sophisticated frum women last week to stream from across the tristate area to an architectural marvel in the heart of Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhood? An unprecedented...

letters to THE EDITOR

No Panacea For OTD Dear Editor, Rabbi Hoffman, I read and reread your article about Sarah Schenirer and OTD youth. (“Sarah Schenirer’s Unfulfilled Legacy,” March 20) I admire your passion and...
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Dating Forum: He’s Great, But He’s a Liar

Question The guy I am dating lies a lot. For example, when I ask him what he was doing at a given time, he will...

Airport Workers Arrested for Smuggling Illegals Into Israel

Six people were arrested and eight others detained on Monday by the Israel Police Lahav 433 national crimes unit as part of an investigation...

Mindbiz: A Matter of Trust

  Dear Esther, My close friend Batya recently shared with me a deep, dark secret that she claims she has never told anyone. She said it...

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