Actress Helen Mirren Acvocates for Holocaust Victims Before Congress; Highlights ‘Moral Imperative’ to Ensure...

Actress Dame Helen Mirren testifying before Congress on the importance of a new act that seeks to provide victims of the Holocaust and their families legal means to recover...

Israeli Soldier’s Go-Pro Helmet Camera Footage Shows Infantry-Eye View of Battle (VIDEO)

IDF soldiers. Photo: Twitter. Dramatic Go-Pro helmet camera footage caught by an IDF infantryman during a patrol in Gaza, shows uncertainty, violence, and humanity in the heat of battle. “Looks to...

Former American Idol Contestant Makes Aliyah, Plans to Join IDF (VIDEO)

Brett Loewenstern. The former ‘American Idol' contestant plans to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces. Photo: YouTube screenshot. — Brett Loewenstern, who competed on the talent-seeking reality show American...

Britain’s Former Chief Rabbi: ‘Antisemitism So Socially Unacceptable, It Can Only Survive Like a...

Lord Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of Britain. Photo: Screenshot. “Antisemitism is so socially unacceptable that it can only survive the way a virus survives, which is by mutating,” Britain's...

Shake Up Your Salads | JOY of KOSHER

In the March 23 issue of 5TJT, Jamie Geller suggests a ribbon salad for the Seder table. But you don't have to wait until then to have a delicious...

Mark Levin Blasts U.S. Media Figures for Anti-Israel Bias

Popular U.S. radio and TV host attacked the main stream U.S. media for anti-Israel coverage regarding the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and Israel's defense against Palestinian...

Archbishop: Hamas Fired Out of Our Church in Gaza (VIDEO)

Gaza church. Photo: Maan News Agency. A Catholic Archbishop ministering to Gaza's minute Christian minority says Hamas terrorists forced him to allow them to use his church to fire rockets...

Ari Fuld Reports On June 12 Evacuation Of Netiv HaAvot

Ari Fuld’s Israel Defense Page covers the latest and truest news from Israel. WATCH as he reports LIVE about the eviction of Jews from Judea. Arutz Sheva reported: Some 2,300 police...

R. Teldon: Back To Basics

Rabbi Teldon's Back To Basics series in the 5 Towns Jewish Times and have earned tremendous acclaim. Now let Rabbi Teldon give you a more personal glimpse into...

Israel Distributes Cucumber Seeds to Palestinians at Checkpoint to Calm Tensions, Convey Positive Message...

A Palestinian woman reacts to being handed a packet of cucumber seeds at a checkpoint. Photo: Screenshot. A creative endeavor to calm tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in the West...
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