Russia to Deport Siberia’s Chief Rabbi Over ‘Espionage’

A Russian court has ordered Siberia’s Chief Rabbi Asher Krichevsky deported along with his wife and six children for alleged espionage. The court in Omsk, the second-largest city in Siberia,...

Antisemitism Motivates Jewish Supporters of Germany’s Far-Right Party

At a nondescript community center in the city of Wiesbaden on Sunday, dozens of Jews got together to officially form the Jewish faction of the rising right-wing political party...

Increase in Antisemitic Attacks Prompts German Reporting Hotline

Germany’s government on Tuesday announced the creation of a national hotline to report antisemitic incidents, following the publication of official statistics in August which showed an increase of more than 10 percent...

Ambassador Danon to UK Parliament: ‘Corbyn an Antisemite’

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon was hosted by the United Kingdom’s Parliament on Tuesday. In his address to British lawmakers, Danon said that opposition and Labour Party...

French Government Launches Ilan Halimi Award for Projects Combating Antisemitism

France’s Ministry of Culture has launched a new award for initiatives to combat antisemitism named in honor of Ilan Halimi — the 23 year-old Parisian Jew who was kidnapped,...

Corbyn Could Face Sanctions for Support of Hamas

U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn could be slapped with U.S. sanctions due to his material support for the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas, according to a British legal report. Were...

Parliament Committee to Withhold €15 Million to PA Over Hate Speech Textbooks

The European Parliament Budgetary Committee on Tuesday approved a bill to withhold some payments to the Palestinian Authority until it commits to reforming its school curriculum, which has been accused...

Palestinian Arrested in Berlin for Planning Chemical Attack on Israel

A 21-year-old Syrian-born Palestinian was arrested in Berlin for reportedly planning a chemical weapons attack on Israel, German media reported. According to Israel’s Channel Two, the man is being held...

Corbyn: UK Will ‘Recognize Palestine’ if Labour Party Wins

Were the Labour Party to win the next election, the United Kingdom would “recognize Palestine,” the party’s leader said on Wednesday. “A quarter of a century on from the Oslo...

Corbyn Denounces Rabbi Sacks for Criticizing Labour’s Antisemitism

UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed Britain’s former chief rabbi on Sunday, calling his comments on Labour’s and his own antisemitism “beyond excessive” and “offensive.” Lord Jonathan Sacks had criticized...

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