letters to THE EDITOR

Stickering It Dear Editor, I read Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s article about placing stickers on parked cars (“Stickering It to the Bad Parkers,” June 14). One day last week I came to...

Back to Basics: Jewish Pride

Parashas Kedoshim addresses the special role of the Jewish people in a way that we don’t see in the rest of the Torah. But feeling like you are special...

letters to THE EDITOR

Insult To In-Laws Dear Editor, I write in response to Doni Joszef’s article “Adding Insult to In-Laws” (September 12). In describing in-law issues that can put stress on a young couple,...

Kopilow: Know The Truth Before You Vote

By Stanley Kopilow As a Republican party leader, I’ve been involved in elections for decades. My involvement was mostly in support of other people, and I’ve been pretty successful in...

letters to THE EDITOR

A Western Afghanistan Dear Editor, You back the NRA’s idea of having an armed guard at each of our nation’s schools to protect the students from insane people armed to the...

Don’t Justify The Unjustifiable Senator Schumer

By Norman Rosenbaum and Isaac Abraham The recent public condemnation of Senator Schumer for refusing to write a letter in support of efforts to have Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin released from...

Opinion: The Uncommonly Mad War On Common Sense

  By Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon We live in dangerous times. America’s intelligentsia — the establishment intellectual and professional class dominating academia, the media, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley — has taken...

letters to THE EDITOR

An Open Letter To Mayor Benjamin Weinstock Dear Mayor, On behalf of the residents of White Drive and Cedar Lane, I would like to thank the mayor and the employees...

Letters to THE EDITOR

Of Life And Liberty Dear Editor, America became great in 1776 when our Founders sacrificed their lives and livelihoods to establish a nation founded on liberty. Every American can now...

letters to THE EDITOR

The Mayor And Rabbi Meir Dear Editor, I tend to lose things. It’s not something to be proud of. Last week I lost my wallet! I was hysterical and retraced my...

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Seasons Supermarket, Chapter 11, and Rashi veZos HaBracha

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5TJT.com Season’s Supermarket.  Chapter Eleven bankruptcy.  Rashi on Moshe Rabbeinu’s bracha regarding Shaivet Levi.  And the Chofetz Chaim. What do they...

There Is No Simcha Without Good Wine

By Gabriel Geller Sukkos and Simchas Torah are the holidays that most symbolize and highlight the importance of serving G-d and follow his Torah with...

Hop and Happy Mess: Falling in Love With Sukkot

For Yael Michaely, her husband Boaz, and their three young children, feeling at home in their new country began in earnest one autumn evening...

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