letters to THE EDITOR

Doughnut Delirium Dear Editor, Kudos to Ben Brafman (“Chillul Hashem: It’s the Little Things,” July 17) for the way he handled the situation at Dunkin’ Donuts. Unfortunately, what the non-Jewish woman...

letters to THE EDITOR

It’s Not The End Of The Road! The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo, We are in receipt of the Department of Transportation’s letter dated July 16, 2014. While we appreciate DOT’s response to...

letters to THE EDITOR

From The Depths Of My Heart An Open Letter As the horrific news from the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Conn., massacre unfolded, I became uncontrollably emotional, which left me...

Trump Is The Principled Choice

By Bruce Abramson & Jeff Ballabon We believe in the politics of principle. We value character, integrity, and politicians who ground principled philosophies in the Constitution. Yet we find ourselves...

letters to THE EDITOR

What Does Rambam Say About Military Service? Dear Editor, Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s essay “Torah Scholars and the IDF” (March 14) deduces from a number of Aggadic accounts in the Talmud the...

Could Ari Fuld’s Death Have Been Prevented?

A 5TJT Op-ed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman Ari Fuld was a hero.  But could his death have been prevented? The answer is "yes" and can be found in last week’s headlines. ...

Letters To The Editor

Leading With Love Dear Editor, As someone from a “prominent” family, I feel compelled to respond to Rabbi Ginzberg’s article last week about “adults at risk” who are “Driving off the...

letters to THE EDITOR

The Voice Of Unreason Dear Editor, Thank you for your article last week and your comments regarding Mr. Koch’s feelings regarding Jonathan Pollard. I strongly agree with your assessment that he...

letters to THE EDITOR

No Panacea For OTD Dear Editor, Rabbi Hoffman, I read and reread your article about Sarah Schenirer and OTD youth. (“Sarah Schenirer’s Unfulfilled Legacy,” March 20) I admire your passion and...

Novak: Carrot and Stick Are Working In Iran

When President Donald Trump announced the United States was exiting the Iran nuclear deal last month, the focus on internal Iranian politics was intense. It was as if the...

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It Takes More Than Bread & Milk To Ride Out This Weather – Here...

5 unique kosher foods you’ll be eating in 2019 By Josefin Dolsten SECAUCUS, N.J. (JTA) — Once a year, this swampy neighbor of New York City turns...

Mesivta Shaarei Prozdor Open House

In the event you may have missed it, this past Sunday afternoon, at 111 Irving Place in Woodmere, New York, 400 chairs were filled...

A Night Of Gratitude: Hear About It, Learn About It, Experience It

On Tuesday, December 4, 8:15 p.m. Chazaq, Ohr Naava, Sheefa, and Aish Kodesh present an enlightening evening with Charlie Harary and Rabbi Shalom Yona...

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