The Shofar

  By Akiva Lane The central symbol of Rosh Hashanah is the shofar. The shofar can’t be straight; it must be bent and curved. Why? This is to emphasize that life...

Jedwab: God Is the Word to My Heart

By Gila Jedwab, DMD There is one way to my heart. One word that presses pause and makes my head turn in slow motion and ask, “What did you just...

Yochanan Gordon: All The King’s Men

  Previously I wrote a column titled “The Mask in My Pocket” in which I laid out the importance of entering the days of awe as part of the congregation...

Happy Anniversary

By Malkie Hirsch I forget the date of our anniversary every year. This isn’t something new. Moshe and I got married on August 22, and my sister Dini had gotten...

Yochanan Gordon: Teshuvah as a Song

  Music has always been an important part of my life. I grew up an avid Avraham Fried fan; the type that would sit for an hour straight and listen...

Jedwab: The Power of Mordechais

  By Gila Jedwab, DMD EDITORS NOTE: The debate over the global response to the COVID-19 virus will most likely go on for months, maybe years. It is the opinion of...

Daf Yomi Has Helped Me Cope With Coronavirus

By Rachel Honeyman  via Kveller On March 8, in a bustling and noisy bagel shop in the Five Towns, I stood alongside nearly 30 women to recite a prayer called the Hadran....

Other Side of the Bench: Weathering the Storm

As I peer out the window of my home office, beginning to type this article on my iPad, it is dark. True, it is only 5 a.m., but by...

Gila Jedwab: A New Song

  The world seems to be losing a precious commodity, unabashed truth-telling. A new CATO national survey finds that self-censorship is on the rise. Nearly 62% of Americans are afraid...

Jedwab: The Timeless Gift of Torah

  By Gila Jedwab, DMD The Torah is a gift. Why do we call it that? Because it keeps on giving. The most amazing realization is this. The eyes inside your head,...
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A Nation In Mourning

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Most people don’t get it. And it’s not that they don’t try, but they’re simply not equipped with the tools to...

A Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend

By Larry Gordon It is not that my parents invented weekend bar mitzvahs, but that’s exactly how we celebrated about a half-century ago. At the...

Breaking Dawn Plus 

By Larry Gordon Seventeen years ago this week, the order was issued to forcibly evacuate residents of Gush Katif, about 10,000 people who courageously built communities...


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