Letters to THE EDITOR

Of Life And Liberty Dear Editor, America became great in 1776 when our Founders sacrificed their lives and livelihoods to establish a nation founded on liberty. Every American can now...

letters to THE EDITOR

Stand By Your Man Dear Editor, I watched the speeches from AIPAC and Bibi’s speech from the chambers of Congress. As promised, many Democrats, led by the Congressional Black Caucus,...

letters to THE EDITOR

Irony In History Dear Editor, The message that the Arabs were victims of Zionism is a theme that is repeated again and again in different ways and is absorbed by many. It...

letters to THE EDITOR

Advice But Not Consent Dear Editor, In last week’s flattering article about Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC, and the upcoming Nassau County filing deadline, it may have been implied that...

Could Ari Fuld’s Death Have Been Prevented?

A 5TJT Op-ed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman Ari Fuld was a hero.  But could his death have been prevented? The answer is "yes" and can be found in last week’s headlines. ...

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IDF Officer Wounded by Palestinian Sniper: I Was Saved by a Miracle

IDF Lieutenant Bar Vaknin of the elite Givati Brigade declared on Sunday that he was saved by a miracle after being shot in the...

Groups Demand U of Michigan Sanction Educators Advocating BDS

Nearly 60 organizations called on University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel to sanction professors at the public research university who engage in the BDS movement. They...

Israeli Report Shows How Syrian Fire Took Down Russian Plane

Following an urgent meeting between Israeli and Russian military officials after the downing of a Russian spy plane over Syria, a 40-page report reveals...

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