Editor’s Blog: No Room for Bipartisanship in 14th District

It is important that the organized Jewish community in this country has fair and equitable relationships with elected officials on both sides of the aisle in Congress. But at...

Noted Historian: Justice Is on Jewish State’s Side

The Israeli flag at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Photo: Hynek Moravec via Wikimedia Commons. At 70 years old, the State of Israel has grown up, and might be unrecognizable to those...

Letter re Sheldon Silver article

To the Editor: In his ode to State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (July 18 issue), Dr. Asher Mansdorf depicts Silver as a politician who evidently can do no wrong. And...

letters to THE EDITOR

The ‘Mangano Tax’ Is Costing Millions Dear Editor, When you opened your school-tax bill over the last few weeks, you likely endured the same kind of sticker shock that I did. Many...

letters to THE EDITOR

The Voice Of Unreason Dear Editor, Thank you for your article last week and your comments regarding Mr. Koch’s feelings regarding Jonathan Pollard. I strongly agree with your assessment that he...

letters to THE EDITOR

Voice Of The Silent Dear Editor, Barry Jacobson, in his articles about Zionism, spoke for the “silent majority” of shomrei Torah u’mitzvos; he spoke up for many poshite Yidden. Thanks so...

Novak: Worshipping With Fervor in the Shul of Politics

Ever wonder why politics in America has become so nasty, so divisive and so polarizing in recent years? More than that, the nasty politics seems to be invading more and...

Hikind: Lorde Performances Should be Shunned

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says Americans should send a strong anti-racist message to pop singer Lorde by not attending her upcoming performances. Several months ago, the singer,...

letters to THE EDITOR

Doughnut Delirium Dear Editor, Kudos to Ben Brafman (“Chillul Hashem: It’s the Little Things,” July 17) for the way he handled the situation at Dunkin’ Donuts. Unfortunately, what the non-Jewish woman...

Novak: What’s Going On Around the World

Some thoughts about the state of things in America and Israel this week: Despite most of the nation’s pundits obsessing regularly about the midterm elections, not all of American...

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Yid Parenting: Parenting Solo

Question: I’ve read with interest your parenting column, and I greatly enjoy it. Your advice is spot-on, but there is one point I would like...

Print This Out Before You Buy Arba Minim

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for 5tjt.com LULAV The lulav must be four tefachim from where the lowest leaves are connected to the spine until the...

Security Experts: Threat of Cyber Attack on Israel Growing

The ability of Israel’s enemies to target civilians and members of the armed forces with cyberattacks is growing, security experts have warned. In August, the...

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