letters to THE EDITOR

A Western Afghanistan Dear Editor, You back the NRA’s idea of having an armed guard at each of our nation’s schools to protect the students from insane people armed to the...

Letters To The Editor

Marriageable Age Dear Editor, Of late we have read full-page ads signed by scores of roshei yeshiva acknowledging the statistical disparity in the number of girls seeking boys to marry. The...

letters to THE EDITOR

From The Depths Of My Heart An Open Letter As the horrific news from the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Conn., massacre unfolded, I became uncontrollably emotional, which left me...

letters to THE EDITOR

Thank You, RCCS Dear Editor, I would like to publicly express my hakaras hatov to the Ribbono shel Olam for such a wonderful organization like RCCS. On account of RCCS, I...

Islamic Terrorists Bomb Egyptian-Gaza Border Base

Islamic terrorists destroyed part of an Egyptian security building at Rafiah Saturday night, challenging Cairo’s control over the Sinai after the ceasefire with Israel. No one was injured in...

Why I Am Against A Ground Invasion Into Gaza

By Jacob Hirsch, Esq. November 18–Today I had the unique opportunity to meet Israel’s ambassador to the UN, the Honorable Ido Aharoni. He spoke in front of several hundred eager...

letters to THE EDITOR

Election Reflections Dear Editor, In your post-election editorial, you wrote, “The country has made its choice in a wonderful and massive exercise of textbook democracy. Barack Obama will be our president...

letters to THE EDITOR

How To Get Heat Dear Editor, This will take you less than 20 minutes and will heat up your whole house when the power is out, without a generator. It is...

letters to THE EDITOR

The Other Side Of The Picture Dear Editor, Like Proust’s madeleine, the 5TJT cover portrait of a rebbe examining an esrog with a magnifying glass (meant to convey an image of...

letters to THE EDITOR

Magnifying The Mitzvos, Part 2 Dear Editor, The point of my original letter (October 12 issue of the 5TJT) was that our leadership is silent in the face of many developing...
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Jewish Doctor Raises $9M in Alaska’s Tight Senate Race

BY RON KAMPEAS (JTA) — They could call it the Ginsburg bump. Al Gross, the Jewish Alaska physician running to defeat incumbent Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan, raised...

Shliach From Montana: Don’t Sit Around and Wait

By Rabbi Chaim Bruk It’s Cheshvan, the simplest month of all. There are no biblical holidays, no rabbinic holidays, and there isn’t even a chassidic...

Schmutter: Musical Notes

  Welcome back to “How Should I Know?” — the column that four out of five doctors recommend as a way of dealing with insomnia...

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