Gila Jedwab: Let Go and Let God

Take Action Dear Editor, I write this in utter shock and horror after reading, yet again, the sad “Torah opinion” that has been allowed to be peddled on your forum (“Trusting...

Malkie Hirsch: Growing Up Gordon

I don’t recall exactly what I was doing when I received a phone call from my sister a few weeks before Dovid’s bar mitzvah, but I’d safely assume I...

Seidemann: When Democracy Becomes Hypocrisy

I begin by wishing a happy birthday to my third daughter, who turned 20 this week. Who would have believed that when she turned 20 in the year 2020...

Bagel Store: Catskills Redux

It rained like mad on Sunday night. And as long as we are on the subject of being mad, following the intense rainstorm the sky was decorated with the...

My Journey: Smiling Through Coronavirus

  I’ve wondered why people aren’t smiling back at me, even though I smile at most people most of the time. I finally realized that I can only see other...

Mindbiz: When Do We Start the Next Chapter?

  Dear Esther, I know that many people are taking different lessons from this pandemic, and they are not all the same. I’m 69 years old and my husband is 71....

Back to Basics: Focusing on Unity

When Henry Kissinger became secretary of state, Golda Meir, then prime minister of Israel, wrote him a congratulatory letter, expressing hope for a solid relationship between the two countries....

Dating Forum: Looking Outside Your Circle

  Question I see so much hypocrisy that I just want to scream! I’m a nice frum girl who went to Bais Yaakov schools and camps. My father davens three times...

The Way It Is: It’s a Phase

  It was not so long ago that the word phase had an entirely different meaning than it does today. Often, boys and girls of all ages go through what...

Schmutter: Zooming Around Town

  Welcome back to “How Should I Know?” — the advice column that is perfect for these uncertain times, as it itself is never really certain. Dear Mordechai, Is there a good...
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Jedwab: Refuat Hanefesh Before Refuat Haguf

  By Dr. Gila Jedwab, DMD A friend of mine who lives in Israel messaged me on Facebook. She said that she went to pray at...

COVID-19 Update From Rabbi Aaron Glatt, MD

COVID-19 Update July 2, 2020 I am very sad to report we have seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases. Nassau County was down to 25 cases...

Yochanan Gordon: Ellent In Ellenville

I was looking for an attractive alliteration with which to title this article. There’s a relatively old movie called Sleepless in Seattle, which kept...

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