“Parental Alienation” Triggers Enormous Response

Dear Editor, Larry Gordon exposes the phenomenon of parental alienation (PAS) which is poorly recognized and, in general, misunderstood across society, including legal professionals, courts, mental-health professionals, religious leaders, and...

School Of Life

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch To think it all started over two years ago with a fully squeezed-out tube of Colgate toothpaste makes me shake my head and wonder what else...

Lace-Front Sheitels: An Exploding Controversy

By R' Yair Hoffman What constitutes an “exploding controversy?” Well, any topic that makes it as a headline on Rabbi Lichtenstein’s Headlines show. This topic has so many aspects to...

12 Jewish Democrats

By Larry Gordon There are 25 Jewish Democrats in the House of Representatives. We are only aware of that at present because half of them joined together to sort of—though...


By Yochanan Gordon This newspaper has been in circulation for 21 years. It pretty much commenced with the turn of the century, and thinking about it now, it would have been...

About Parental Alienation

By Larry Gordon At least five years ago, the son of a friend of mine was redd a shidduch by a semiprofessional shadchan. My friend related to me that the...

Potential Vs. Performance

By Malkie Hirsch Life has the ability to stretch past the point of discomfort. After all, challenges change us, don’t they? A fancy word for the way we evolve like...

Kiddush Hashem: Rav Dovid Hofstedter’s Visit To Capitol Hill

By Chaim Gold “We need to stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers. Thank you, Rabbi Hofstedter and Dirshu for taking the mission to Washington!” This sentence was tweeted by...


Dear Esther, My sister and I are similarly nice, smart, and attractive, but as mazal would have it, I married a man who makes a very good living, and my...

Not Against Bennett

By Larry Gordon This new government in Israel may not work out even over the short term, but it is an interesting experiment. It is difficult to say that this is...
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We Must Stop Hate Crimes: Here Is How

By Senator Todd Kaminsky and Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein From the horrific attack of a young man from the Five Towns on the streets of Manhattan...

Musings Of A Shliach From Montana

By R' Chaim Bruk Earlier this week, as I was flying back from New York, where I had the incredible z’chus to daven by the...

Why We Stay Stuck

By Betty Gulko In life, in our relationships, in our habits, we stay stuck. We don’t change, we don’t make the moves to improve ourselves,...

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