Dating Forum: Divorce Crisis

Question I was recently speaking with a woman who mentioned during our conversation that she has successfully matched 10 or so couples, and only one of those couples ultimately got...

Dating Forum: Evil Stepmother

Question I am the product of a wicked stepmother. My biological mother was not emotionally well, unfortunately, and my parents had to get divorced. My father remarried a divorced woman...

Dating Forum: True Intentions

I was talking to a guy for some time, and our conversations flowed easily on all topics. We finally met and we seemed to get along well and enjoyed...

Into The Light

By Hillel Fuld Not sure I should be putting this into writing. Since I can remember, I have always been confused by anti-Semitism. I get it—they hate us. But why? Well, Jewish...

Telling Secrets In Public

By Yochanan Gordon What follows is a secret in the sense that it is being written for a specific purpose, to a specific, undisclosed person; however, the message is universal...

A Confluence Of Simcha

It’s the best of the best circumstances, thankfully. It is wedding season, if there is such a thing. Though weddings had to take place surreptitiously during the pandemic, as the...

Denial As A Way Of Life

My arrival in New York in time to see the trees transforming into a collage of beautiful orange and auburn reminded me of my childhood and the mountains of...

Life With Ben Gvir

The people in Israel voted for a solid right-wing government, and if newly elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can manage to fulfill his commitments, that is exactly what the...

Sparking Connection

Dear Elisheva, My husband and I were determined not to let this happen to us—we had even discussed this when we were dating—but 15 years later, here we are. We’re...

AMIT Honors Its History, Paves The Way For The Future With Remarkable Evening With...

Stuart and Rivka Berger with Anne Wasserman, Member, Board of Directors, AMIT, Mark Wasserman By Michele Justic In a little apartment across the street from his parents’ Tel Aviv barber shop,...
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Tuned In

Hi, readers! As I’m now up to my seventh article (and feel like I’ve practically written a book by now), I think it’s time...

Jewish Vote Helps Edge Warnock To Reelection

Jewish vote helps edge Warnock to reelection White House antisemitism event today, Arab fans harass Israeli reporters at World Cup, nurse sues for religious...

Mayor Eric Adams & DA McMahon Speak Out Against SI Hate Crime

Following the arrest of a 25-year-old man for allegedly shooting a BB gun at a father and son as they left Kosher Island Super...


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