Malkie Hirsch: Just Stinks, Sort Of

In the infancy of our loss, there were very few people who were comfortable coming around to check on us. And truthfully, I don’t blame anyone for not wanting...

Dating Forum: Keep an Open Mind

Question So much has been written about the “shidduch crisis” within Orthodox Jewish circles. There have been many potential explanations offered by various rabbis, community leaders, and organizations, ranging from...

Mindbiz: How Can I Get My Sister to Accept Help?

Dear Esther, When my younger sister Rivky started dating Max, my parents, siblings, and I were not excited about it. Max just wasn’t easy to like, and we all believed...

Malkie Hirsch: The Beauty of Time

There’s much choreography involved in making Shabbos plans for me and my children. Sure, I could do things the easy way — stay home and sit at a table where...

Dating Forum: My Parents Are Rushing Me to Get Married

  Question I enjoy reading your articles and would like to ask you a question. I’ve been in a relationship for four months so far, and I’m being pressured by my...

Mindbiz: Feeling Rejected By Family-to-Be

Dear Esther, I’m about to get engaged to Joel. We are both widowed. I’ve been alone for over six years, and Joel’s wife died close to two years ago. Joel...

Malkie Hirsch: Rosie-Colored Glasses

As the proud owner of four full bathrooms, I often insist to my children that there’s no reason to wait for their brother to come out of the shower,...

Mindbiz: Can’t Handle Other People’s Problems

  Dear Esther, My life is hard. Really hard. I have to care for my husband in many ways because he is not well, and I work in order to pay...

Dating Forum: Ghosted for Having a Different Hashkafa?

Question I’m 32 years old and was recently set up with a gentleman who is 38. We went on three dates and each date was special and different. (I have...

Malkie Hirsch: Outside, Looking In

I had wanted to write something about Chanukah, like I write about the other yomim tovim, because the pain of knowing yet another holiday will come and go without...
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Sa’ar: We’d like to help the Palestinians, but only after our residents are vaccinated

New Hope chairman on CNN: If the Palestinians have money to pay terrorists, they can also take care of their residents’ health. New Hope party...

The Rabbinical Alliance of America Calls for A National Return to Civility, Dialogue and...

The Rabbinical Alliance of America—Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American rabbis—calls for a national return to civility, dialogue and respect. Tragically, we live in...

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer describes painful associations of seeing ‘Camp Auschwitz’ T-shirt

(JTA) — Longtime CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said Thursday that he was happy that his late parents, survivors of the Holocaust, did not live...

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