Yid Parenting: Time For Tefillah

  My 11-year-old son is resistant to staying in shul for davening on Shabbos morning. Davening takes almost two and a half hours, and he can’t sit still for that...

My Journey: Resolution Remedying

  We should be hard at work putting our yom tov resolutions into action. Over the month of Tishrei, over the course of the chagim, we often say that we’ll...

Malkie Hirsch: Raising the Banner

  A few weeks ago we celebrated the bar mitzvah of a relative in our family. Although in the past I’d think of every excuse in the book not to...

Mindbiz: Why Isn’t My Friend Including Me?

  Dear Esther, Around six months ago, my family moved into the Five Towns. This was something we had looked forward to for a long time. Despite not having any family...

Dating Forum: Getting Serious with a Ba’al Teshuva

  I read your column every week and I wanted to write to you for the longest time about my problem, but I thought things would get better. I’ve been...

Schmutter: A One-Sided Conversation

  I don’t know you (unless I do), but, statistically, I’m pretty sure you don’t like public speaking. Unfortunately, though, you probably have to make a bar mitzvah at some...

Malkie Hirsch: Bar Mitzvah Season

Bar mitzvah season has officially begun at the Hirsch house. This means a few things: I’ll be living in my car, in addition to walking Dovid from party to Shabbos...

Dating Forum: How Can I Find My ‘Equal’?

Question I’m a woman in my late twenties, and I would love to meet my bashert. To say that I have not met my equal is an understatement. I’m in...

Mindbiz: How Much Togetherness Is Too Much?

  Dear Esther, I got married to Josh six months ago. I believe that I went through the dating process doing all the right things. I had a clear vision of...

Yid Parenting: In-House Inspiration

  I began writing these parenting columns many years ago. I quickly learned that no matter the topic, there are always people who will disagree. A mother emailed me recently...
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Trump Jokes He Could Become Israel’s Prime Minister

BY BEN SALES NEW YORK (JTA) — At a private event for Orthodox Jewish donors, President Donald Trump received a blessing from a rabbi and joked...

Thank You for the Iron Dome

By Sarah Paley I woke up to a regular Tuesday morning at 6:50 am to get my kids ready for school. An initial alert came...

Dating Forum: No More Wining and Dining?

Question I started dating a man who is a little older than I am. In the beginning I was not that happy about our age...

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