Grapes Of Kedushah

By Talmidah Y In the years preceding seminary, I made a lot of calculations: My year will be the 56th year of Israeli-controlled Yerushalayim. I’ll be there for the 75th...

Dating Forum: Broken Engagement

Question A great shidduch was suggested for my daughter. We’ve had an eye on this boy for a while, but whenever we asked a shadchan to redt the shidduch, this...

Calendar Call

Dear Dr. Haimoff, I have a really hard time with the High Holidays. It’s not what you think—I like the davening and even hosting meals; I just can’t manage the...

Dating Forum: Changing Observance Levels

Question I played by the rules and did what everyone wanted me to do: top shiur in high school, yeshiva in Israel, learning and online college, etc. Then I got...

Saying Goodbye: The Unraveling Of Relationships

When I was a child, summer was my absolute favorite season: The freedom of no school, going to camp and “the country,” indulging in swimming, and celebrating my birthday...


There’s a weekly dialogue between myself and any one of the four out of five reading-aged kids who reside in this house. It goes something like this: Kid: “Maaaaaaaaaaa. I’m BOREDDDDDDDD.” Me:...

State Of Mind: Starting Therapy

Dear Rachel, With the Jewish New Year upon us I am looking to work on myself. I want to start therapy because I feel it will be the best way...

Dating Forum: A Ring Of Truth

Question I recently met a woman at a singles event who has been divorced twice. That doesn’t bother me. She seemed very nice when we spoke, and I asked her...

Mindbiz: Holding A Grudge

Dear Esther, I realize that I didn’t really know my husband very well when we got married. When my mother looked into him, he checked all the boxes, and when...

Dating Forum: A No-Good Guest

I’m a dating coach. I’m writing to you because you have so much experience with difficult cases and I want to ask you how I should deal with a...
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3 Israelis Injured in Stabbing Attack, Terrorist Killed

(September 22, 2022 / JNS) Three Israelis were mildly injured in a stabbing terror attack near the central Israeli city of Modi’in on Thursday night. According to media...

Bringing Opportunity And Obligation Back To Teshuvah

Excerpted from “Return and Renewal,” by Rav Aharon Lichtenstein , zt’l Opportunity, obligation, and their interaction have special relevance to teshuvah. Life is, to a...

Musings Of A Shliach From Montana: Yom Kippur Letter

I agonized for weeks over writing this pre-Yom-Kippur letter, but as New York State continues to abuse the Orthodox Jewish Community, I feel compelled...


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