My Journey: Striving To Do Better

By Michele Herenstein A couple who are close friends of mine were having their parents visit them from New York. They were beyond courteous, acting out the mitzvah of respecting...

Mindbiz: How Can I Get My Husband to Appreciate My Contributions?

  Dear Esther, I have been happily married for almost 25 years. My children are all healthy and succeeding in their various stages of life. They attend the finest yeshivot and...

Yid Parenting: The Rebbe’s Role

Q. I’m a rebbe in a yeshiva (I prefer not to give the location.) I’m asking the following questions not only as a third-grade rebbe but also as a...

Malkie Hirsch: Choose Wisely

  By Malkie Hirsch I’m the keeper of secrets. Of sadness, of the struggles they’ve gone through that they unload onto me. Why? Maybe because they know that I know. Because I can finally understand...

Why Do I Need A Will? I’m Not Rockefeller!

By Daphne Stern, Esq. When the issue of the need for a will or basic estate planning arises, there are various responses. Some people are embarrassed that they have not...

Protect Yourself From Scams, Fraudulent Schemes

  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a list of 23 common fraud schemes on its “Scams and Safety” web page, including credit card theft (“Scams and Safety —...

Dating Forum: Throw Both These Fish Back

Question I’m writing about a guy who broke my heart because of how he treated my daughter. She was engaged to him, and one day he just ended it with...

Mindbiz: Why Don’t I Get As Much Help As My Sister?

  Dear Esther, My sister and I both married men who are way beneath us in many ways. Why we both chose so poorly is another story for another time. But...

Malkie Hirsch: Making Plans

By Malkie Hirsch We had plans. Things to look forward to in the future, while raising the beautiful family we created together. The Sunday lunches we’d embark upon once the boys would...

Dating Forum: It’s Tough in the Post Marriage Shidduch World

Question People don’t know what goes on in the divorced world. They think it’s all fun and rosy, but there is so much drama! I have been divorced for five...
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Bagel Store: A Bissel Shtisel

They are actors playing parts that are distant from their real lives. And for those of you who have become aficionados of the Netflix...

Dating Forum: Shabbos Is Lonely As a Single Person

  Question I just turned 40. I’m not a shiksa and I’m not a modern girl either, but Shabbos is very boring and lonely when you...

Editor: Israel at a Crossroad

  This week’s election in Israel achieved nearly the same result as the election in April. It appears at this point that neither of the...

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