YidParenting: In Their Words

In honor of Purim, I’ve compiled an updated list of ten things your child would want you to know … in his or her own words. Yes, you are...

Dating Forum: How Can We Find Our Daughter a Shidduch?

Question My wife and I are trying to help our daughter with finding a shidduch, but we feel that our hands are tied. She won’t go to a shadchan. We...

Mindbiz: Stop Neglecting Yourself to Accommodate Others

  Dear Esther, I spent my life believing that I was born to serve. As the youngest of seven children, there was always something for me to do. My parents expected...

Yid Parenting: Should It Take A Village?

Question: I live on a frum block, and on this block is a family that does not do a good job raising their kids. They let them have unlimited access...

Mindbiz: Should Stealing End Our Friendship?

Dear Esther, The most peculiar thing has been happening to me and I really don’t know what to make of it. It’s even possible that I could be imagining it...

Yid Parenting: Give As Good As You Get

Question: Is there a way to help my 12-year-old son who loves to take but refuses to give? He is my third child, with two older sisters and a...

My Journey: The Icing On The Cake

It all started with a piece of cake. Sometimes my mood plummets and I feel down and need a pick-me-up. I’ve thought, what could be something that would lift my...

Mindbiz: Why Can’t My Wife Get Over It and Try for More Kids?

Dear Esther, My wife and I have been married for nine years, b’H. To make a long story short, after many years of failed fertility treatments, my wife finally got...

Yid Parenting: Choose Your Battles

Question: A common theme in your articles is “choosing your battles.” My husband and I are trying to figure out which battles are worth fighting so we can make the...

Dating Forum: Raped on a Date

Question Something terrible happened to me, and I’ve told no one about it, because they will blame me and say it was my fault. It happened one night on a...

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AIPAC 2019: Interview with Rachel Frankel

5TJT Columnist Baila Sebrow is proudly attending AIPAC 2019. She was honored to interview Rachel Frankel about what AIPAC means to her and her...

Billions Of Butterflies Visit Israel On Their Way To Cyprus

By HAGAY HACOHEN - Jerusalem Post - 03/21/2019 Billions of painted lady butterflies visit Israel this Purim on their migration to Cyprus. Billions of painted lady butterflies...

Mueller Report: No Trump – Russia collusion

By David Rosenberg - Israel National News -  24/03/19 22:18 The much-anticipated report by special counsel Robert Mueller on the 2016 presidential race has found...

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