Malkie Hirsch: Choose Wisely

  By Malkie Hirsch I’m the keeper of secrets. Of sadness, of the struggles they’ve gone through that they unload onto me. Why? Maybe because they know that I know. Because I can finally understand...

Dating Forum: It’s Tough in the Post Marriage Shidduch World

Question People don’t know what goes on in the divorced world. They think it’s all fun and rosy, but there is so much drama! I have been divorced for five...

Mindbiz: How Can I Get My Husband to Appreciate My Contributions?

  Dear Esther, I have been happily married for almost 25 years. My children are all healthy and succeeding in their various stages of life. They attend the finest yeshivot and...

Why Do I Need A Will? I’m Not Rockefeller!

By Daphne Stern, Esq. When the issue of the need for a will or basic estate planning arises, there are various responses. Some people are embarrassed that they have not...

Mindbiz: Why Don’t I Get As Much Help As My Sister?

  Dear Esther, My sister and I both married men who are way beneath us in many ways. Why we both chose so poorly is another story for another time. But...

Protect Yourself From Scams, Fraudulent Schemes

  The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a list of 23 common fraud schemes on its “Scams and Safety” web page, including credit card theft (“Scams and Safety —...

Dating Forum: Shabbos Is Lonely As a Single Person

  Question I just turned 40. I’m not a shiksa and I’m not a modern girl either, but Shabbos is very boring and lonely when you are single at my age....

Mindbiz: What Happened to My Empty Nest Bliss?

  Dear Esther, Most of my life, I’ve always done what was expected of me — as a child, wife, and mother — and I did it all with a good...

Halachic Musings: Shidduchim Rooms at Weddings?

  Some weddings have bars. Some weddings have a mitzvah tantze. And some weddings have shidduchim Rooms. At least the Genack/Wilheim wedding did. Last Tuesday, at the Hilton Westchester Hotel (formerly...

Children’s Privacy: Fortnite Addiction And Amazon Echo Data Storage

By Jacob Rubinstein While technological advancements continue to enhance efficiency and productivity throughout our daily happenings, it is uncontroverted that the dangers of digital innovation present augmented and wider-ranging risks...
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Tillerson: Trump Was ‘Played’ by Netanyahu

Former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that U.S. President Donald Trump was “played” by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on...

Cantor Vegh to Officiate at Queens Jewish Center for High Holidays

Queens Jewish Center, located at 108th Street in Forest Hills, is pleased to announce that they have once again engaged Cantor Robert Vegh of...

Officials Confirm 2nd Measles Case in Nassau County

Another case of measles has been confirmed in Nassau County, just weeks after nearby New York City officials deemed the measles outbreak in the...

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