E-Dating in the Era of Social Distancing

Question I used to say no to girls who were geographically undesirable. If a girl lived anywhere more than a 15-minute drive away, I would say no if I was...

Imma Dearest: The Look of Chemo

By Imma Dearest Cancer really brings up all our pride and prejudices about looks. I hope to not be judgmental, but i get a little scared when I see people...

Malkie Hirsch: Breathe Easy

  I draw the air into my lungs and hold it there for a few counts. Early on in the infancy of this pandemic, I heard this action would indicate that...

My Journey: Feel It and Move On

  People often hold their emotions in for a variety of reasons. Sometimes if people are feeling too vulnerable, just one word of comfort and they’ll start crying. In order...

Imma Dearest: It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To

My birthdays have been subdued since I got married. I guess it was another one of those single versus married trade-offs. But this one really takes the cake --...

Career Corner: What’s the Best Career for My Daughter?

By Chaim Shapiro Question: My daughter is in her second year in Israel this year. We are proud of how she has grown and what she has accomplished in her time...

Mindbiz: Trauma and Coronavirus

  Dear Esther, We are living in a unique moment in time. We have seen ice-skating rinks and refrigerated 18-wheelers turned into morgues. We are inundated with horror 24/7 thanks to...

Dating Forum: Why Are People Criticizing My Dream Man?

  Question I’m dating my dream man. He’s gorgeous, generous, and gives so much tzedakah. He is everything I want in my life partner. A lot of people say bad things...

Malkie Hirsch: Stretch Yourself

  I have analogies for everything. I especially love using the power and imagery of metaphors to convey my feelings and perspectives. Once, when I was trying to describe getting used...

Dating Forum: How Can I Find My ‘Equal’?

Question I’m a woman in my late twenties, and I would love to meet my bashert. To say that I have not met my equal is an understatement. I’m in...
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Chaim Bruk: A Letter to My Youngest

Dear Chana Laya, Although you’re only two years old, I am taking a few minutes during this most hectic Erev Pesach to put pen to...

Shtisels Send Pesach Messages From Their Family to Yours

(JTA) — The cast of the hit Israeli drama “Shtisel,” which has become a worldwide sensation, released a video of Passover greetings from the cast. The video...

Veteran Confidante of Lubavitcher Rebbe Dies of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic claimed one more Jewish religious leader on Tuesday, with the announcement that a veteran aide to the late Lubavitcher Rebbe had...

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