Dating Forum Sneak Peak: Growing Out Of Love

They started off on the same path but now they are growing apart. Was the path too long to start with or are they too different now? Learn more...

Mindbiz: How Can I Get More Hours in My Day?

Dear Esther, My husband and I don’t have it easy, though I think that many other young couples have similar pressures — never enough money, dealing with children who often...

Malkie Hirsch: Friends

By Malkie Hirsch You know those people you can go months without speaking to but when you do, it’s like no time has passed? There are never hard feelings on...

Mindbiz: How To Deal With Overwhelming Worry

Dear Esther, I’ve always been very sensitive, but I thought that by the time I’d get to the age I am now, my life would be simpler and I’d have...

The Way It Is: Playing Games

Games are not for everyone. From early childhood on, I was never great at games. My close friend Nancy always beat the pants off me when we would play...

News From the Hills: Living the Best We Can

Although I started writing this while we were still in Israel, we returned on Sunday morning and I finished it up in the States. It’s hard to believe that...

Lifetime Gifting to Reduce Estate Taxes

By Daphne Stern, Esq. In my previous articles, I discussed various issues relating to wills, trusts, and estate planning and taxation. In this week’s article, I will explore the role...

What To Do With Chanie

Dear Esther, When I moved to my block a while ago, I knew right away that I would never be good friends with Chanie. She is the type of person...

Yid Parenting: Striking Out

Question: I know that you are involved with a local baseball league, and we have a question about that. Our fifth-grade son is currently in a similar league and...

Mindbiz: Can People Change?

Dear Esther, When I was in high school, I had a hard time socially. I was very shy and insecure and really didn’t have any friends. There was one girl...
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Chaim Bruk: A Letter to My Youngest

Dear Chana Laya, Although you’re only two years old, I am taking a few minutes during this most hectic Erev Pesach to put pen to...

Shtisels Send Pesach Messages From Their Family to Yours

(JTA) — The cast of the hit Israeli drama “Shtisel,” which has become a worldwide sensation, released a video of Passover greetings from the cast. The video...

Veteran Confidante of Lubavitcher Rebbe Dies of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic claimed one more Jewish religious leader on Tuesday, with the announcement that a veteran aide to the late Lubavitcher Rebbe had...

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