Mindbiz: Husband Feels Out of Place

  Dear Esther, We moved into the Five Towns about three years ago. We always perceived ourselves to be very blessed regarding the lifestyle we were able to live. We never...

Dating Forum: Why Are People Criticizing My Dream Man?

  Question I’m dating my dream man. He’s gorgeous, generous, and gives so much tzedakah. He is everything I want in my life partner. A lot of people say bad things...

Mindbiz: Feeling Lonely When Relationships Change

Dear Esther, When my friend Miriam told me that she was getting divorced, I jumped into action. I made up my mind that I would be there for her and...

Dating Forum: Raped on a Date

Question Something terrible happened to me, and I’ve told no one about it, because they will blame me and say it was my fault. It happened one night on a...

Yid Parenting: Put This Issue To Bed

Question: My parents agreed that I can email you regarding a fight we’re having. My friends have bedtimes of 10 and later, and my parents make me go into bed...

News From the Hills: Speeding Bullet

  Time moves like a speeding bullet. In early March we still did not take COVID-19 seriously—until after Purim, when along with the usual pre-Pesach stress we started stressing about...

Mindbiz: Sleepless Nights

Dear Esther, I’m exhausted! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Some nights are better than others, but there are nights when I literally get...

Dating Forum: Stuck in the Friend Zone

  Question I don’t see it, but I am told that I am a “handsome young man” by all the ladies who meet me — except the ones that I date....

News From the Hills: Hashem Is in Control

  All the news recently, whether in newspapers, TV or social media, is about the coronavirus. Not only are some in a panic, but we are at a standstill, not...

YidParenting: Anger Management

Anger Management Question: My 9-year-old son has the world’s worst temper. He gets so upset about the silliest things and goes absolutely crazy. When it’s in the house, my other kids...
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US secretary of defense arrives in Israel amid Iran tensions

(April 11, 2021 / JNS) U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin touched down in Israel on Sunday for his first official visit to the...

Biden’s new slate of aid to Palestinians comes under intense scrutiny

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A number of pro-Israel groups, Israeli officials and Republicans in Congress are stepping up their scrutiny of the Biden administration’s plans...

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Shlit”a Scheduled to Visit New York This Sunday, April 11th

After more than a year in which Rabbi Pinto Shlita has not traveled due to the coronavirus outbreak as well as his own illness,...

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