Dating Forum: I’ve Moved Right; My Family’s Stayed Put

Question I come from a traditional Modern Orthodox type of family. I went to those types of schools and camps, and I was very popular. As is common with that...

Feuerman: A Bird and a Fish Can Fall in Love

By Rabbi Simcha Feuerman In "Fiddler on the Roof," Tevye exclaims in frustration to his daughter who is considering a marriage outside of the faith, “A bird and a fish...

Mindbiz: Husband Feels Out of Place

  Dear Esther, We moved into the Five Towns about three years ago. We always perceived ourselves to be very blessed regarding the lifestyle we were able to live. We never...

Yid Parenting: To Wait Or Medicate

Question: I just came back from the doctor, and I’m shaking. He recommended that my son who’s in second grade be medicated. He diagnosed him with ADHD and told me...

Dating Forum: Pass on Man Who Won’t Make An Effort

Question I have a few questions. My daughter was set up with a young man who has a very busy schedule with work, graduate school, and learning. The only day...

Mindbiz: Feeling Lonely When Relationships Change

Dear Esther, When my friend Miriam told me that she was getting divorced, I jumped into action. I made up my mind that I would be there for her and...

My Journey: Parental Involvement

I have a multitude of great ideas and I love to write. But as a kid, I had trouble with organizational skills. I always felt stupid being me in...

Yid Parenting: Choosing A High School

  Question: My son is in eighth grade, and we are arguing about high school. He wants to go to REDACTED, and I feel that it’s not a great environment....

Dating Forum: Daddy Knows Best?

Question: I was seeing a girl for a long time, and she was everything I was looking for. My dad made me break up with her, however, because he didn’t...

Mindbiz: Is This Marriage Up For Debate?

  Dear Esther, My husband is a highly educated man with an impressive, high-level position. This reflects some of the reasons I was attracted to him in the first place. I...

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AIPAC 2019: Interview with Rachel Frankel

5TJT Columnist Baila Sebrow is proudly attending AIPAC 2019. She was honored to interview Rachel Frankel about what AIPAC means to her and her...

Billions Of Butterflies Visit Israel On Their Way To Cyprus

By HAGAY HACOHEN - Jerusalem Post - 03/21/2019 Billions of painted lady butterflies visit Israel this Purim on their migration to Cyprus. Billions of painted lady butterflies...

Mueller Report: No Trump – Russia collusion

By David Rosenberg - Israel National News -  24/03/19 22:18 The much-anticipated report by special counsel Robert Mueller on the 2016 presidential race has found...

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