Mindbiz: Stuck in a Cycle With My Sister-in-Law

Dear Esther, I have tried over the years to have a good relationship with my sister-in-law. She is a nice person in general, and I like her. I have two...

Dating Forum: What Motivates Shadchanim?

Question I recently saw a meme aimed at shadchanim: “So, why do you want to become a shadchan?” The options for the checkboxes were shocking: spite, malice, revenge, boredom, profit....

Ba’yamim Ha’heim Ba’zeman Ha’zeh: From Darkness to Light

By Rabbi Zvi Gluck It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Having been slammed by COVID, we have all found ourselves looking at the world through slightly different eyes. The past...

Malkie Hirsch: Life Is Changing Every Day

  “Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them.” — William Shakespeare (Twelfth Night) In the beginning of this new writing journey, I’d worry that...

Mindbiz: How Can I Forgive Myself?

  Dear Esther, Several weeks ago, a woman wrote in to you asking how she can go about forgiving her husband for his behaviors that felt like betrayals. I liked your...

Dating Forum: Holding Younger Sibling Back

  Question I’m almost 24 years old, and I haven’t had a real date yet, while all my closest friends are married. It’s not because I can’t get a date, but...

Malkie Hirsch: Widow Tales

Opinions vary on the subject of rereading books and re-watching movies. I don’t know about you, but I always discover new things in chapters and find it enjoyable to...

Dating Forum: Suitor and Mom Not Seeing Eye to Eye on Coronavirus

  Question I’m going out with a girl whose mother says that I’m selfish. Here’s the thing: I’m the most generous guy in the world. This all started because her mother...

Mindbiz: Emerging From My Bubble

  Dear Esther, When the pandemic started, I was very concerned. I was probably the first person to wear a mask and get with the program. Like most people, I was...

Helping Children Cope With Pandemic-Related Anxiety

  With children’s emotions and routines becoming a daily victim of the tumult caused by the pandemic, Hidden Sparks, which helps teachers and schools educate struggling learners, has provided six...
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A King Through And Through

It’s been a week now since the tragic and untimely passing of our dear friend Yudi Dukes, Schneur Zalman Yehuda ben Aharon Leib, a’h....

In Protest Of Hafganot

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “The streets of ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods have been ablaze across Israel this week. In Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh, Ashdod,...

Widows In Crawford’s Getting Coffee

By Malkie Hirsch Lately, I’ve been receiving requests from people I don’t know asking to meet up for coffee or a lunch date. They arrive...

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