Dating Forum: My Parents Are Micromanaging My Dating

  Question I am a 27-year-old guy, and my dad is ready to ship me off to another planet because he doesn’t know how to handle me. He thinks I should...

Malkie Hirsch: Along For The Ride

By Malkie Hirsch As I sat with Jamie over lunch, the conversation veered from upcoming work projects to family and her life after aliyah to my life as a single...

Mindbiz: Grandparents Compete Over Their Only Grandchild

  Dear Esther, My husband and I have been married for four years and have a one-year-old son. Our son, Yitzchok, is the only grandchild of my parents and in-laws. I...

Yid Parenting: Screaming For Help

  My question is regarding screaming. More often than not, I find myself raising my voice when dealing with the kids, and I’ve noticed that my husband does the same....

Malkie Hirsch: Life Is Better With Alana

By Malkie Hirsch I’ve heard it said That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led To those who help us most to grow If we...

Dating Forum: Why Won’t Anyone Help My Widowed Niece?

Question I tried so hard to help my 32-year-old niece get remarried, and I don’t know what else to do for her. My niece is a young almanah with a...

Mindbiz: I’m Afraid to Be Alone

  Dear Esther, I knew pretty early on that my marriage was a big mistake. I don’t think Nate and I were ever happy. Despite that, we stayed together, had a...

Yid Parenting: Classroom Management

Question: My fourth-grade son has been complaining that his class goes “crazy” every morning before yeshiva starts. They throw things around, pick on kids, and are extremely silly. Apparently, the...

Malkie Hirsch: Band Of Brothers

By Malkie Hirsch I’m the oldest of six, and the first four of us were born within six years. A childhood memory of mine is walking past a picture we...

Dating Forum: How Can I Focus on What Is Important in a Relationship?

  Question I have been reading your column in the 5TJT but I haven’t come across my particular question. Although I have guidance from my rabbi and seminary mentor, they’re quite...
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USHMM Works to Preserve Evidence of the Holocaust

By Rochelle Miller The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. is in a race against time to collect and preserve the evidence of...

Jewish News Wins 18-Month Legal Battle Against Polish Nationalist Group

BY KATARZYNA MARKUSZ WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — A London-based Jewish newspaper did not have to use the term “German Nazis” an appeals court in Warsaw ruled,...

House of Rothschild & Royal Wine Celebrate 30 Years

Tristate restaurateurs, caterers, and foodies will be the first to sample and stock up on the newest in fine kosher wines, spirits, and creative...

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