Bagel Store: Outdoor Davening Means Cold Nose, Warm Heart

The moment of truth is approaching for the plethora of outdoor minyanim that came into existence with the advent of the global pandemic. Which minyanim are going to stay...

Bagel Store: Pins and Needles

  It occurred to me the other day that aside from the circumstances surrounding this pandemic, I do not write much about subjects pertaining to medicine. So here is a story...

From the Editor: We Need a Trump Victory

It is either going to be close, as most of the possibly hyped-up polls are showing, or President Trump is going to score a significant and resounding victory on...

Bagel Store: Enough of Fox

Fox News was once solidly and unabashedly on the right. They used to be in the proper place journalistically, but, unfortunately, that has now changed. They did not necessarily...

From the Editor: Open and Shut Case

  Last week, it looked like street protests in Borough Park were probably the right thing to do. After all, the community was being threatened with having their shuls and...

Bagel Store: Shul To Go

  Other than going to Israel for Sukkos a few years ago, the other times that we traveled for the yom tov (to a hotel, not to family), we somewhat...

From the Editor: RBG vs. ACB

  Last week I reported on and made some comments about the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The article that appeared here was also displayed on the...

Bagel Store: That Look

It is that late-in-the-day Yom Kippur look that I still picture and will always remember. It was probably during Mussaf; the sun was shining brightly and we were a...

From the Editor: RBG, BD’E

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away last Friday night, the first night of Rosh Hashanah 5781. In the aftermath of her death, the country is in an...

Bagel Store: (For) Giving

It looks like the men who go around to various shuls every morning to collect tzedakah, either for themselves or the institutions they work for, have gotten used to...
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Sa’ar: We’d like to help the Palestinians, but only after our residents are vaccinated

New Hope chairman on CNN: If the Palestinians have money to pay terrorists, they can also take care of their residents’ health. New Hope party...

The Rabbinical Alliance of America Calls for A National Return to Civility, Dialogue and...

The Rabbinical Alliance of America—Igud HaRabbonim, representing over 950 American rabbis—calls for a national return to civility, dialogue and respect. Tragically, we live in...

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer describes painful associations of seeing ‘Camp Auschwitz’ T-shirt

(JTA) — Longtime CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said Thursday that he was happy that his late parents, survivors of the Holocaust, did not live...

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