Vague Memories

I think I’ve figured out why I seem to be losing my memory. And it’s not because I’m getting older. I mean, I am getting older. But that might...

The Good Old Days

Some people are hard to please. They are the folks who never seem to be satisfied. When I was a child, if I kvetched about something—which I often did—my...


There are two types of families when it comes to making Shabbos: Those who are ready by chatzos on Friday and those where the husband is getting into the...


It’s that time of year again. When I was a child, my mother explained that we are never to wear white after Labor Day. I never quite understood the reasoning,...

This Week’s News Roundup (Satire) – September 6

By Rafi Metz To Promote Gender Equity, U.S. Post Office Now Offering Two Delivery Options: Mail And Femail WASHINGTON, DC—The U.S. Postal Service announced that starting today, it’ll be offering two...

The Conversation Never Ends

One of the major questions people ask these days is, “Should I be part of a group family chat?” And my answer is, “Absolutely!” There’s nothing like a group family...

This Week’s News Roundup (Satire)

By Rafi Metz Top Ten Ways To Fight Inflation Inflation is a hot topic these days. The prices of everyday goods and services are higher than ever before, and there seems...

Schooled In Joy

More than 50 years ago, my late husband, Arnie, and I moved to Woodmere. We were unconcerned that the home we purchased was situated next to a public school,...

This Isn’t Kindergarten

I’ve noticed that basically every time I write about teaching, I write about my experiences in a boys’ mesivta. I do realize there are other grades, but this is...

Making Early Pesach

By Mordechai Schmutter Every year when you clean for Pesach, the same question occurs to you: “Should I start cleaning even earlier next year?” This is the only yom tov for which...
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3 Israelis Injured in Stabbing Attack, Terrorist Killed

(September 22, 2022 / JNS) Three Israelis were mildly injured in a stabbing terror attack near the central Israeli city of Modi’in on Thursday night. According to media...

Bringing Opportunity And Obligation Back To Teshuvah

Excerpted from “Return and Renewal,” by Rav Aharon Lichtenstein , zt’l Opportunity, obligation, and their interaction have special relevance to teshuvah. Life is, to a...

Musings Of A Shliach From Montana: Yom Kippur Letter

I agonized for weeks over writing this pre-Yom-Kippur letter, but as New York State continues to abuse the Orthodox Jewish Community, I feel compelled...


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