The Way It Is: Week Five (or More)

  This is Week Five of staying alone in my house. Actually, it might be week six. Or perhaps it’s only week four. To put it bluntly, I am confused...

The Way It Is: Moping, Coping, Hoping

Due to the current situation, hoping, moping, and coping are my alternating emotions. For most people, this probably needs little explanation, but for the few who are currently brain-addled...

Unanswered Pesach Questions We All Ask, But Not Out Loud

  What day of the week does Pesach start, again? What’s wrong with the vacuum cleaner? Can I fund my entire Pesach with all the change I find cleaning...

Ashley Blaker Looking Forward to Empty Seats at JW3!

In the midst of a national lockdown, there’s never been a greater need for an event to lift the community’s spirits. That’s why this Sunday (April 5) at 3:00 p.m....

Schmutter: Yeshiva Shel Ma’alos

  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like every year we have to get a kid into a high school. First my daughter, then my son,...

The Way It Is: Newly Antisocial

  For months, I worried about the possibility of Bernie Sanders becoming president, G-d forbid! Despite knowing that it was unlikely to happen, I had nightmares about it. But things...

Real Estate with Anessa: Coronavirus Muscles its Way In

  Well, man plans and G-d laughs! I had figured that the beginning of March would be a good time to take a week off and spend Purim and quality...

Schmutter: I Won The Lottery!

  I won the lottery! I’m sorry for repeating myself. I’m just trying to let it sink in. OK, so a couple of months back, I wrote an article about all these...

Schmutter: A Sad, Sad Tail

“Shushan Medical Group, please hold.” “Hi, this is Queen Vashti, and I’m calling about a skin cond — Great.” Hold music plays. “At Shushan Medical Group, we prioritize care for our...

Schmutter: The Wacky Side of Crime

  About once a year, I write a “dumb criminals” article, because there are a lot of criminals out there who do stupid things and get caught, probably because if...
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In L.A. Looting Loss Loans Available Immediately

BY GABE FRIEDMAN (JTA) — Until last week, Los Angeles’ Jewish Free Loan Association was busy doling out financial support to locals who were struggling because...

Malkie Hirsch: Wanderers

It happens before every yontif, and in the beginning, when I couldn’t identify the extreme emotion that would overtake me, I would panic that...

My Journey: A Dirty Little Secret

We are three months into severe quarantining. Personally, this has had no effect on my life. I am still wearing my mask constantly and...

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