Schmutter: Yeshiva Shel Ma’alos

  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like every year we have to get a kid into a high school. First my daughter, then my son,...

The Way It Is: Newly Antisocial

  For months, I worried about the possibility of Bernie Sanders becoming president, G-d forbid! Despite knowing that it was unlikely to happen, I had nightmares about it. But things...

Real Estate with Anessa: Coronavirus Muscles its Way In

  Well, man plans and G-d laughs! I had figured that the beginning of March would be a good time to take a week off and spend Purim and quality...

Schmutter: I Won The Lottery!

  I won the lottery! I’m sorry for repeating myself. I’m just trying to let it sink in. OK, so a couple of months back, I wrote an article about all these...

Schmutter: A Sad, Sad Tail

“Shushan Medical Group, please hold.” “Hi, this is Queen Vashti, and I’m calling about a skin cond — Great.” Hold music plays. “At Shushan Medical Group, we prioritize care for our...

Schmutter: The Wacky Side of Crime

  About once a year, I write a “dumb criminals” article, because there are a lot of criminals out there who do stupid things and get caught, probably because if...

Schmutter: Sit ‘N Shiver

  It’s cold. That’s all I can think about right now, as I sit in my drafty 80-plus-year-old Passaic house, five feet from my front door. As I’m writing this, it...

Schmutter: Father of the United States

  This week is Presidents Day, when we celebrate our great country in which we have all the freedoms we can want — most importantly, the freedom to practice our...

How to Get Fresh in the Produce Store

By Mordechai Schmutter In honor of Tu B’Shevat, we should really talk about eating some fruits and vegetables, because come Purim, we’re going to switch over to junk food for...

The Way It Is: Following Suit

By Hannah Berman Despite the fact that I am by no means what could be called a “fashionista,” my clothes are always neat and clean and I believe that I...
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Chaim Bruk: A Letter to My Youngest

Dear Chana Laya, Although you’re only two years old, I am taking a few minutes during this most hectic Erev Pesach to put pen to...

Shtisels Send Pesach Messages From Their Family to Yours

(JTA) — The cast of the hit Israeli drama “Shtisel,” which has become a worldwide sensation, released a video of Passover greetings from the cast. The video...

Veteran Confidante of Lubavitcher Rebbe Dies of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic claimed one more Jewish religious leader on Tuesday, with the announcement that a veteran aide to the late Lubavitcher Rebbe had...

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