Letters to the Editor: Aftermath of the Coronavirus

Thank You Dear Editor, I read your article thanking local heroes (“Wanted: Jobs and Money,” From the Editor, May 22), but you left out a few. What about the Jewish Community...

Letter to the Editor: Seeing Through the Fog

Dear Editor, No denying it is a confusing time. No denying each of us is practically challenged by the situation in different ways. No denying that we are all searching...

Letters to the Editor: Sitting Shivah During COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Editor, I am writing this piece just after sitting shivah for my beloved father Ira Beer, Yitzchok Dov ben Tzvi Mendel. I was sitting alone in my basement, separated...

Letters to the Editor: Minyanim During Coronavirus

  Dear Editor, This past erev Shabbat, 56 roshei yeshiva and rabbanim of Far Rockaway and the Five Towns issued a statement that public minyanim should not be conducted during the...

Letters to the Editor: Ron Jager and Respect for Gedolim

Respect For Gedolim Dear Editor, I sent this in response to Mr. Jager’s most recent column (“Coronavirus and the Mitzvah Bucket List,” May 8). Thought you would want to see it...

Letters to the Editor: What Will Be the New Normal?

Dear Editor, I was doing a lot of thinking over Pesach. Before the coronavirus, my family and I used to spend most Shabbat lunches with a tight-knit group of friends....

Letters to the Editor: Is Israel Truly a Democracy?

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the article by Toby Klein Greenwald on page 40 of the March 13 issue of the 5TJT, titled “Reaching Across the Aisles,”....

Letters to the Editor

TikTok Talk Dear Rabbi Hoffman, I’m a student of yours and I was surprised as I read your article on TikTok (The Dangers Of TikTok, February 21) which didn’t provide ideas...

Letters to the Editor: Singles, Impeachment and More

Singles Must Look Out for Each Other Dear Michele, About once a week, I Google to see if there are new articles written about the “shidduch crisis.” To my pleasant surprise,...

More Comments From Readers About Woodmere Club Development

Let’s Compromise Dear Editor, I don’t live anywhere near the club, but this project has occupied our conversation at our Shabbat table for two years. I personally think the project is...
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Many Americans’ July 4 Celebrations Go Virtual as COVID-19 Cases Surge

On a holiday weekend that would typically draw crowds to watch fireworks, march in parades and wave the red, white and blue, many Americans...

PSEG Long Island Offers Incentives on Energy-Efficient Cooling Systems

  If the rising summer temperatures and high humidity are making work from home life or weekend relaxation uncomfortable, PSEG Long Island reminds customers that...

Schmutter: Finding the Losing Ticket

  It happened: I finally got a traffic ticket, after 20 years of driving, on and off. I would not recommend it. For one thing,...

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