Letters to the Editor: Name Blame

Dear Editor, I believe that the Five Towns Jewish Times has reached a publishing nadir with Yochanan Gordon’s unprovoked, vicious attack on Kamala Harris (“The Soul of America,” November 6). I...

Letters to the Editor: Spotting Fraud

Dear Editor, I was considering writing to you concerning your recent From the Editor article. While you are certainly entitled to opine that the shutdown was a political move, I...

Letters to the Editor: The Case for Donald Trump

Dear Editor, While the 5TJT has endorsed the president, I don’t believe that you have made the critical case for why all Jews should be voting to reelect Donald Trump....

Letters to the Editor: Moving Backwards on Medical Care?

Dear Editor, I have noticed a somewhat concerning trend over the past few years, and even more so in the past few months. Specifically, this paper seems to be more...

Letters to the Editor: Reelect Todd Kaminsky

Dear Editor, These days, it’s rare to find politicians who go out of their way to put our community and its needs first. Todd Kaminsky is the epitome of a...

Letters to the Editor: Don’t Let Fox Guard the Henhouse

Dear Editor, I was shopping at one of our supermarkets the other day, and I noticed that they were sold out of Kool-Aid. This seemed odd to me (the drink...

Letters to the Editor: Fight Back Against Gathering Restrictions

Dear Editor, We hear a lot these days about how criticism by government officials of some Jewish neighborhoods for allegedly not adhering to COVID-19 rules is antisemitic. There are other...

Letters to the Editor: The Midwife’s Midwife

Worldly In Williamsburg Dear Editor, Judy Ribner’s article about her experience as an assistant midwife at a birth in Williamsburg was interesting and informative. I was moved and uplifted by her...

Letters to the Editor: Covid Confusion

Dear Editor, Why does it have to take a resurgence in COVID illness, and more severe illnesses and deaths for people to finally wake up and start wearing masks? COVID never...

An Emergency Letter to President Trump

Mr. President: Governor Cuomo has decreed that every single one of our synagogues will be fined $15,000 if we dare to assemble for prayer, starting this coming Friday. This is a...
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Yochanan Gordon: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Joe Biden reportedly fractured his foot last weekend playing with one of his dogs. Now, I am not questioning that the incident involved his...

Daf Yomi: Sparking Debate

A nice Chanukah present might be the FlashTorch. It’s billed as the world’s brightest flashlight, sporting 4,100 lumens of power. Interestingly, it comes with...

Netanyahu Greets Ethiopian Immigrants in Operation Rock of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday greeted at Ben-Gurion International Airport the first group of Ethiopian immigrants to arrive in the country within...

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