Letters to the Editor: No ‘Medical Dilemma’ on Vaccines

To the Editor: It was with great regret that I read the lead article written by my friend, editor Larry Gordon, in last week’s 5 Towns Jewish Times. The title,...

Gila Jedwab: Let Go and Let God

Take Action Dear Editor, I write this in utter shock and horror after reading, yet again, the sad “Torah opinion” that has been allowed to be peddled on your forum (“Trusting...

Letters to the Editor: The Truth About Masks

  Don't Be Complicit Dear Editor, It seems that dentist Gila Jedwab still can’t let go of her obsession against masks. After weeks of anti-mask articles, each one more intellectually tenuous than...

Letters to the Editor: Elections

Democrats: Riggers Of Our Elections Dear Editor, Recently, we have been hearing about the USPS and mail-in voting. Democrats continue to argue that Trump is removing mailboxes on streets to slow...

Letters to the Editor: Disappointed With Jerry Nadler

Dear Editor, I wanted to describe the intense embarrassment that I feel, personally, as a Jew, when I see political stunts on TV by congressional Jewish Democrats. It started with...

Letters to the Editor: Masking the Truth?

  Dear Editor, Yochanan Gordon’s opinion piece “The Mask in my Pocket” (Inside Out, August 28) had some thoughtful reflections on teshuvah; however, in his concluding remarks he had some hurtful...

Letter to the Editor: Seeing Through the Fog

Dear Editor, No denying it is a confusing time. No denying each of us is practically challenged by the situation in different ways. No denying that we are all searching...

Mental Health: It’s Time to Remove the Stigma

Dear Editor: With the tragic passings of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week, I think it's once again time to discuss mental health issues. There is such a huge stigma...

Letters to the Editor: Building a Brighter Future

By Brad Greissman There are numerous issues facing our communities at this moment in time. This November, constituents will head to the polls to decide how they want their issues...

Letter to the Editor: Seminary and Yeshiva Students

Eretz HaKodesh Dear Editor, Thank you for an informative article about the process in enabling our yeshiva and seminary students to obtain visas to go to Israel for the new zman...
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Judgment Day: Yom Kippur Arrives With COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

BY SHIRA HANAU AND PHILISSA CRAMER (JTA) – In synagogues and in their parking lots, in backyard tent services and on Zoom, Jews around the world will spend...

Cuomo: 10 ZIP Codes Account for 25% of New COVID Infections

Gov. Andrew Cuomo raised alarm Monday about the emergence of a handful of coronavirus hot spots in New York, saying just 10 ZIP codes represented...

Simcha Is Essential. Drink Wine.

By Gabriel Geller Royal Wine/Kedem For many, if not most of us (all of us quite frankly), Shabbos and yom tov are not only great mitzvos;...

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