Letters to the Editor: Biden Bad for Israel

Biden Trouble for Israel Dear Editor, Do you really believe that America and Israel can withstand a Biden presidency? If so, please reconsider whether Mr. Biden will be moving to the...

Kulak: What Will Make Terrorists Tremble?

The following true story is dedicated to the neshama of Orit Ansbacher HY"D, who was killed at the age of 19. Several years ago I was working in an office...

To the Editor: Should Secular Education in Religious Schools Be Funded by Government?

Schools And Separation Dear Editor, Should the secular education in religious schools get funded by the “state?” It seems that if a new regulation passes in New York State, that is...

Letters to the Editor: What’s in a Name?

Dear Editor, Here is the explanation for Larry Gordon’s puzzlement in “Bar Mitzvah Trifecta” (“Heard in the Bagel Store,” August 17), as to why the owners (“brothers”) of the Empire...

Letters to the Editor: Reach Out and Touch Someone

Dear Editor, In the 1980s, AT&T encouraged people to make long-distance calls using the slogan “Reach out and touch someone.” It was an appropriate catchphrase, and although there is almost...

Letters: Answering Eshel

Dear Editor, In the February 8 issue of 5TJT, I penned an open letter to the Orthodox Union, criticizing the organization for certifying products by a company named Big Gay...

From the Editor: Dollars For Trump

Trump Doesn’t Need, Or Deserve, Our Money Dear Editor, As a frum Jew myself, I nonetheless have to take issue with Larry Gordon’s front-page editorial, “Dollars for Trump” (From the Editor,...

Letters: Alienation Not the Main Reason for Withholding a Get

Dear Editor, I read Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s Halachic Musings on August 7 (“May Alienated Fathers Withhold a Get?”) with great interest as the subject of agunah is one in which...

Letters to the Editor: Elections

Democrats: Riggers Of Our Elections Dear Editor, Recently, we have been hearing about the USPS and mail-in voting. Democrats continue to argue that Trump is removing mailboxes on streets to slow...

Letters to the Editor: Is Israel Truly a Democracy?

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the article by Toby Klein Greenwald on page 40 of the March 13 issue of the 5TJT, titled “Reaching Across the Aisles,”....
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Stay Safe With Sit Safe

  COVID has changed the world, and everyday life has been turned upside-down, from work to pleasure, from business to family visits. We are living...

Starting 5781 With a Deluxe Car Wash

I like car washes, especially the old-fashioned ones where they let you ride inside the car! What marvelous fun to be safely inside the...

All Politics Are Local: Vote Gregory Marks

    I think we can all agree that year's election is important. The presidential candidates truly present a stark difference in their worldview, and the...

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