Bagel Store: The Other Shoe Drops

  It finally happened. Aaron D. Fischman, the founder and proprietor of Cardis Enterprises, was indicted last week in the theft of $22 million of investor money dating back to...

From the Editor: About That Election

  No, not Biden vs. Trump. I’m referencing the big one here next Tuesday, the battle between Alex Edelman and Danny Goldstein for the privilege to serve as the mayor...

Malkie Hirsch: Delivery Delight

  In the interest of full disclosure (how I like to go about communicating with you and the others in my life), I’m going to drop a guilty mom truth...

Dating Forum: Not Looking for Marriage

  Question I’m a middle-aged man, and after two divorces I don’t want to get married again, but I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life either....

Mindbiz: Father-Son Tensions Upsetting to Family

  Dear Esther, I’ve always thought that my husband, Yitz, and our son Tani had a lot in common. Besides looking similar, they are similar in nature. From the time Tani...

News From The Hills: Time to Go?

  Since Rosh Hashanah of 1983, our shul, Adereth Eliyahu, has been a vibrant part of Kew Gardens Hills. Due to the coronavirus, our shul, along with others, had to...

Schmutter: Putting the ‘CAN’T’ in ‘CANTOR’

  No one second-guesses the chazzan like the chazzan himself. I don’t daven for the amud often, but when I do, there are a lot of thoughts going through my head....

Simple Nusach for Challenging Times: Conversation With Cantor Mayer Davis

  The Gemara in Berachos (daf 5) states, “Rebbe Chanina ben Dosa said: ‘If my prayer is uttered with fluency it is a sign that it was accepted.’” He was referring...

Letters to the Editor: Elections

Democrats: Riggers Of Our Elections Dear Editor, Recently, we have been hearing about the USPS and mail-in voting. Democrats continue to argue that Trump is removing mailboxes on streets to slow...

Bagel Store: Encapsulated Learning Here and in Israel

When it comes to opening schools as the COVID-19 virus still looms, Israel is a little ahead of us. It has been about three weeks since the boys began pouring...
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Real Estate with Anessa: Making More Yom Tov Memories

My aunt once told us the story of driving up to the Empire Hotel in the Catskills (it opened and closed long before I...

Israel Goes Into 2nd Lockdown to Combat Record Spread of Coronavirus

BY CNAAN LIPHSHIZ (JTA) — Thousands of police officers and soldiers in Israel on Friday began imposing the country’s second lockdown due to the coronavirus. The number...

Are You High on PDP?

By Robert Remin No, PDP is not a drug; it stands for Prescription Drug Plan. For those of you in or about to enter the...

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