A Moshe Rabbeinu for Each Generation

By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon In honor of the 11th of Nissan next week, which is the Rebbe’s birthday, I would like to share some thoughts about our Rebbe. I find that it...


By Baila Sebrow Question I have been reading a bunch of articles about parental alienation in this publication. My son was at the other end—the alienator. He is not a monster,...

Jager: Turning Elections Into a Binary Choice

By Ron Jager The juvenile “Mod Squad” of four freshman congresswomen accuses anyone critical of their clearly anti-American, antisemitic, and anti-Western rantings of being racists and fundamentally opposed to people...

Schmutter: A Sad, Sad Tail

“Shushan Medical Group, please hold.” “Hi, this is Queen Vashti, and I’m calling about a skin cond — Great.” Hold music plays. “At Shushan Medical Group, we prioritize care for our...

The Way It Is: Rain Rain Go Away

Numbers carry sacred and mystical meanings in Jewish tradition. The number 40, with its ancient watery connotations, is a central symbol of sin and repentance in Jewish thought. This is...


By Baila Sebrow Question Last year, after my father’s complications from COVID-19 left him unable to return to work, I had to stop learning full-time in order to take over his...

Bagel Store: Never Alone

  More than three decades ago, when we were still residing in Brooklyn, I was sitting in shul shortly after Mussaf on Shabbos. At my table was a retired professor...

Information Leak

It is amazing how when the weather is sunny and life is good and fun, any house repair issues that came up during the snowy and rainy months are...

Ukrainian refugees to receive free medical services in Israel

(March 15, 2022 / JNS) Israel’s Terem Medical Clinics will be providing free treatment to Ukrainian refugees who do not qualify to join a health fund. Earlier this week, Knesset...

Zelensky says Jerusalem could serve as potential site for negotiation with Russia

(JTA) — Speaking at a press conference Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Jerusalem could serve as the location for potential negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. “These are not places where...
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A Nation In Mourning

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Most people don’t get it. And it’s not that they don’t try, but they’re simply not equipped with the tools to...

A Wonderful Whirlwind Weekend

By Larry Gordon It is not that my parents invented weekend bar mitzvahs, but that’s exactly how we celebrated about a half-century ago. At the...

Breaking Dawn Plus 

By Larry Gordon Seventeen years ago this week, the order was issued to forcibly evacuate residents of Gush Katif, about 10,000 people who courageously built communities...


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