Young Israel Gala Dinner To Celebrate 70 Years Of The State Of Israel

The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) will celebrate 70 years of the State of Israel and applaud the United States’ declaration of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of...

Top 15 Home Improvements That Maximize Resale, Part 3

By Anessa Cohen The following are the last five items from our home-improvement list to maximize resale. I hope you have found them all helpful. Replacement Windows. Replacing old windows can...

Rock Your Purim Seudah With Subtle Wines

By Gabriel Geller of Royal Wines Subtle wines on Purim? Sounds a little strange, no? The Purim seudah requires an abundance of responsible drinking—do NOT drive afterwards, and have a...

Photo Prose: Continuing Your Album Image Selection

By Gary Rabenko My February 2 article on starting image selection for albums included suggestions that have helped many here in completing their albums. In that article I suggested software,...

Yosef Comes To Life On Stage

By Toby Klein Greenwald Following a successful introductory run in 2017, Yosef the Musical returns to the stage for a six-show run at the Master Theater in Brooklyn, NY, from...

The Weekly Kvetch

By Klara Speaking of kvetches, no one tops the art of kvetching when it comes to Bnei Yisrael. They complained about everything! The water! The mahn! What’s taking Moshe so...

Tetzaveh: Missing Moshe

From Where I Stand By Rabbi Yossy Goldman ואתה תצוה “And you shall command.” —Sh’mos 27:20 A seemingly dubious distinction belongs to this week’s parashah, Tetzaveh. It is the only reading in the Torah,...

Storyline: Rosh Chodesh Adar

By Rabbi Meir Orlian Simcha Beigel remembered it like yesterday; he called it “Go for broke week.” That week after Sukkos, everything broke. The fridge broke; the water heater broke; the...

Real Clear Daf: Q & A Review

A review of some of this week’s daf yomi key concepts (Parashas Tetzaveh – Avodah Zarah) By Rabbi Shmuel Wise Q: Can we use containers that have been used to store...

Time Multiplied

Back To Basics By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon I must confess that while visiting my in-laws in their gated community in Florida, I developed a pet peeve. It was the 15-second wait...
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Motherhood Methodology And Minefields

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Motherhood is an emotional minefield sometimes. I can be doing the most ordinary task and suddenly, I find myself in a puddle...


By Larry Gordon There are two sides to every story and an equal number if not more to every construction project. There is always construction...

Twenty-Eight Years

By Yochanan Gordon Last week, while reviewing the theme for my article with my father and publisher, he stopped me, saying, “Aren’t you going to...


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