Book Review: Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land

The Hebrew Bible In The United States: A Sourcebook A Review by Michele Justic Produced by Yeshiva University’s Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought; edited by Meir...

Rockville Centre Update

By Larry Gordon An open-to-the-public board meeting on Monday night at the Rockville Centre Village a mere few miles from the Five Towns finally addressed the matter of anti-Semitic comments...

Yid Parenting: What’s Wrong With Screen Time?

Question: Why do my parents — and other parents also, I’m guessing — care so much when we waste time? If I chill out on my phone for even a...

Mindbiz: Sandwich To Go

Dear Esther, I’m 54 years old; my husband is 57. We have five children who have growing families of their own. My husband’s mother and my parents are still alive,...

4Wires Communications: High-Quality Installation And Customer Service

By Rochelle Maruch Miller That 4Wires Communications has distinguished itself as a leader in the low-voltage cabling arena is not surprising. Family-owned and operated, the shomer Shabbos company was founded in...

Malkie Hirsch: Righting By Writing

I get most of my writing ideas and inspiration on Shabbos. It’s the only time I’m without the distraction of mindless entertainment, my phone to stave off loneliness, or...

Hamantaschen Ideas

By Jamie Geller Hamantaschen may classically come in one shape but they can certainly be supersized or miniaturized! From sweet to savory to hamantaschen suitable for the seudah, I share...

The Way It Is: Making The Right Call

We refer to them as “robocalls,” those automated calls that drive so many people to distraction. I am one of those people. Despite the many attempts I have made...

From the Editor: The Official Response

  Just about no one wants a war or even a street fight, not in the Golan Heights and not in Crown Heights. Almost suddenly these have become particularly trying and...

My Journey: In the Time of Corona

People always have choices to make. Whether to make a phone call or pick up a new book, whether to send their child to sleepaway camp, whether to hire...
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Dating Forum: Two Men

Question After much aggravation with dating, I have a problem that most girls my age wish they had. This is my shidduch story. I didn’t...

Out Of Many, One

By Yochanan Gordon “E Pluribus Unum” is a Latin phrase that appears on the dollar bill, which means out of many, one. Yom Kippur, which is...

Teach The Children

Their objective is to undermine the success of yeshiva education and bring it down a few notches—that is, until it reaches the failed levels...


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