By Malkie Gordon Hirsch It’s roughly my fourth time trying to write about this whirlwind trip around Israel. How is it so hard to write a piece about the extreme...

Malkie Hirsch: Everything Happens for a Reason

By Malkie Hirsch Xiomara (sha-ma-ra) proper noun Smart, capable, and savvy babysitter/housekeeper who lights a fire under me on a daily basis. Helps me keep our house a home,...

Heard in the Bagel Store: All In A Name

On Monday, I had the privilege in shul to name a second grandchild for my mom, Sora Rosa. This is the second grandchild born since her passing 15 months...

Medium Vs. The Message

By Yochanan Gordon Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian philosopher whose work is among the cornerstones of the study of media theory. He was born in July 1911 and passed away...


Dear Esther, I am generally on the giving end of most of my relationships. I do enjoy giving to others and doing people favors and I feel great happiness when...

The Way It Is: Problem With ‘No Worries’

  What happened to the expressions we once used, expressions that made sense? For years, when people wanted to indicate that they were disinterested in something or didn’t care about...


Dear Esther, After college, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I had pretty good grades and plenty of options, but no clear vision for...

Bagel Store: Outdoor Davening Means Cold Nose, Warm Heart

The moment of truth is approaching for the plethora of outdoor minyanim that came into existence with the advent of the global pandemic. Which minyanim are going to stay...

Yid Parenting: Money Matters

By Rabbi Yitzie Ross Question: I’ve been reading your e-mails for a few years, and most of them apply to younger children. Let’s expand your repertoire. My married son has come to...

In the Candles’ Shadows

By Malkie Hirsch Chanukah was never that joyful time in our house. When I was nine years old, I remember hearing a phone ring in the middle of the night. I...
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Addressing V’Lo Yilbash

Sometimes, a general prohibition is well-known, but the details of the prohibition are foreign even to seasoned talmidei chachamim. Although the prohibition of v’lo...

Terror In Jerusalem: Seven Dead in Shooting in Synagogue in Neve Yaakov

Elad Benari, Canada At least seven people were killed and several others were injured, including one critically, in a shooting attack on a synagogue in...

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets Into Israel, Prompting IDF Retaliatory Strikes Against Hamas

(January 27, 2023 / JNS) Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israeli communities overnight Thursday, prompting retaliatory strikes by the IDF...


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