From the Editor: Good and Bad

Regardless of which candidate you chose on November 3, it is OK to disagree with some of their positions. That means you can vote for President Trump because you...

Malkie Hirsch: Well Suited

“A trauma trigger is a psychological stimulus that prompts recall of a previous traumatic experience. The stimulus itself need not be frightening or traumatic and may be only indirectly...

Letters to the Editor: Masking the Truth?

  Dear Editor, Yochanan Gordon’s opinion piece “The Mask in my Pocket” (Inside Out, August 28) had some thoughtful reflections on teshuvah; however, in his concluding remarks he had some hurtful...

Dating Forum: Finding the Right Beholder

Question I have been in shidduchim for a long time. It hasn’t been easy for me, watching all my sisters and brothers, some of whom are younger than me, get...

Mindbiz: Missing People During Coronavirus

Dear Esther, I guess I’m really lucky. I’ve been able to continue working through this whole pandemic by using Slack or Skype. My company has been working efficiently and we’ve...

Yid Parenting: Priceless Education

Question: We’re hoping that as a rebbe, you can answer the following question. Our son’s yeshiva is telling us to sign a document agreeing to pay tuition even if we...

Yochanan Gordon: The Mask in My Pocket

  Over the last couple of weeks I have written about teshuvah and our overall preparation for the Yomim Nora’im in the context of song. It occurred to me that,...

War Of Words In Israel: Are ‘Annex,’ ‘Occupier’ Right Terms?

By Scott Feltman Questions of “annexation” have taken center-stage lately. Since the revealing of President Donald Trump’s Peace Plan, pundits and politicians have been asking: Should Israel annex “Area C,”...

My Friend

She listens to all my experiences, fears, and exciting news. She cried with me, tells me to be strong, and makes sure I’m okay. She laughs with me when things get...

Building A Sukkah

For many it is travel trauma. Yom tov is around the corner and many who traditionally make their way to Eretz Yisrael at that point of the year are...
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Real Estate with Anessa: Making More Yom Tov Memories

My aunt once told us the story of driving up to the Empire Hotel in the Catskills (it opened and closed long before I...

Israel Goes Into 2nd Lockdown to Combat Record Spread of Coronavirus

BY CNAAN LIPHSHIZ (JTA) — Thousands of police officers and soldiers in Israel on Friday began imposing the country’s second lockdown due to the coronavirus. The number...

Are You High on PDP?

By Robert Remin No, PDP is not a drug; it stands for Prescription Drug Plan. For those of you in or about to enter the...

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