From the Editor: The Evangelical Equation

  Over the past week, the liberal press in the United States has been focused on the relationship between Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu and the leaders of evangelical churches...

Yochanan Gordon: Fulfillment of a Promise

  The events of the past three months have knocked the wind out of us all. While the dangers still lurk on some level, and we’ll have to ease into...

Rav Zechariah Wallerstein, zt’

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman As these words are being read, there are thousands of parents and students who are in a severe state of mourning for Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, zecher...

My Journey: In the Time of Corona

People always have choices to make. Whether to make a phone call or pick up a new book, whether to send their child to sleepaway camp, whether to hire...

Heard in the Bagel Store

One Year Later Is it possible that a year has already passed? This week we will observe the first yahrzeit for my mother, Sora Roiza bas Aharon (Rosalind Gordon), and a...

December 1 Yonatan Birthday Fund Event For Bet Elazraki

  By Alex and Ilyse Sternberg Emunah Bet Elazraki is a unique children’s home in Netanya, Israel. We were introduced to it several years ago on one of our visits to...

The Healthy Solution to the Traditional Divorce

  By Brad Berfas, Esq. Life was great! Or so you thought. You have two young children, who are thriving, and an established career. Then come the dreaded words, “We need to...

Children’s Privacy: Fortnite Addiction And Amazon Echo Data Storage

By Jacob Rubinstein While technological advancements continue to enhance efficiency and productivity throughout our daily happenings, it is uncontroverted that the dangers of digital innovation present augmented and wider-ranging risks...

Investing in Israel: Delicate Negotiations

I have had the pleasure of lecturing around New York since the beginning of the week. It really was a huge eye opener to me about the need to...

From the Editor: Changing the Subject

By Larry Gordon We have to thank Mike Flynn and Tara Reade for forcing the news stations to discuss something other than the global pandemic. At the same time, the...
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Musings Of A Shliach From Montana: Roots

I grew up in an environment where family was everything. My mother was extremely close to her parents, my father was tight with his...

State Of Mind: Physical Perspectives

Dear Elisheva, This message probably makes me sounds like a shallow, judgmental person, and maybe I am. My husband and I are both in our late...

Know The Real Risks: In Response To Wrongful View Of BRCA Testing

Recently, I received an article against BRCA genetic screening penned by a R’ Boruch Weiss, titled, “The Evil Trap of Mass BRCA Testing: Yidden,...


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