Musings Of A Shliach From Montana

By R Chaim Bruk I am tired, perhaps exhausted; it’s been a very long month of pre-Pesach prep and yom tov. But tiredness aside, we just wrapped up an incredible Pesach,...

Yom HaShoah: Interviews With Jewish Martyrs

R' Moshe Taragin On a cold October day in 1941, the Jews of the Kovno Ghetto were assembled at an umshlagplatz (gathering place), about to be deported to their eventual...

Sefiras HaOmer: An Overview

By Yair Hoffman Sefiras HaOmer: An Overview What follows is an overview of some of the spiritual dimensions of sefiras haomer followed by some of the pertinent halachos. Aside from the...

A TikTok rabbi helps Jewish Ukrainian refugees feel comfortable in Moldova shelters

CHISINAU, Moldova (JTA) — MacBook under his arm and sporting the latest AirPods, Shimshon Izakson looked as if — with a change of outfit — he could have just...

The Sound Of Silence

By Dr. Asher Mansdorf Simon and Garfunkel penned a tune many years ago that seems fitting as an introduction to the comments made at the April 4 Rockville Center Village...

National Siblings Day

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Today was National Siblings Day and I personally have always been a stickler for celebrating national days in some capacity. On National Chocolate Day, I eat it,...

Play Ball!

By Larry Gordon Next week, or if you are reading this after or on the second days of yom tov, last week, is what we usually refer to as a...

Calm, Casual, Hateful Words

By Larry Gordon The young woman approached the podium last week in Rockville Centre, Long Island with a look of assured confidence. She was going to address the village board...

And We Cried Out

By Yochanan Gordon It’s well-known that the Haggadah shel Pesach, outside of perhaps the Chumash, is the most widely reproduced book in all Jewish publishing. An old joke that was...

Is Being Against Black Churches Racist?

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Some racism is politically incorrect. And other forms are “supposedly” fine. Let’s do an experiment. If you are in a classroom and have a smartboard, play...
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IDF: ‘CNN’ claim Israeli forces killed journalist in ‘targeted attack’ is ‘baseless’

(May 25, 2022 / JNS) The Israeli military has dismissed as “baseless” a report by CNN on Tuesday claiming that Al Jazeera journalist Shireen...

LeBron James attends Jewish NYC wedding — holding hands with a notorious rabbi

(JTA) — LeBron James likely draws attention at most weddings he attends. After all, the basketball superstar turned entertainment mogul is 6-foot-9 and one...

Israeli ambassador says House Democrats’ call for US probe of journalist’s killing isn’t ‘fair’

WASHINGTON (JTA) — In an unusual public broadside against dozens of Congress members, Israel’s ambassador to Washington said a letter calling for a U.S....


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