A Driving Force

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman You are in a rush, and there is no parking on the street. You will just be a few minutes, so you wonder: Is it permitted...

Save The Agunah

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Dahlia Oziel is a singer, songwriter, and Instagram influencer who has started a revolution in how the Jewish community responds to agunos. The terrain has now...


By Baila Sebrow Question I have been reading a bunch of articles about parental alienation in this publication. My son was at the other end—the alienator. He is not a monster,...

Too Much Pesach Prep

Dear Dr. Haimoff, My mother is making us all crazy with Pesach prep. Every year she gets really intense about cleaning and goes above and beyond. I won’t get into...

A Personal Rant About The “Shidduch Crisis”

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch I’m not John Gray or Steve Harvey or anything—but I think I’m onto something when it comes to men and women and our glaring differences when...

Returning Home With Ishay Ribo

By Yochanan Gordon Ishay Ribo’s world tour kicked off on Thursday May 26 in front of 12,000 fans at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in the Flushing section of Queens. The...

Bar Mitzvahs And Babies

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch I’ve always had planned births. There was none of that waking up in the middle of the night amid a pool of amniotic fluid and making a...

The Young Widows Club

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch It was like a dinner with friends—with a few notable differences. First, there was the vast array of alcoholic beverages on the table at our hostess’s...


By Baila Sebrow Question I’m dating a guy and our relationship is going great, but his parents hate me. I didn’t know about it until I spent a Shabbos with them. His...

Lulu’s: The Definitive Source for Distinctive Gifts

  Nestled in the heart of the Five Towns, Lulu’s is a community treasure. Established 20 years ago by Louise Kramer, it features a stellar selection of beautiful and unique...
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Motherhood Methodology And Minefields

By Malkie Gordon Hirsch Motherhood is an emotional minefield sometimes. I can be doing the most ordinary task and suddenly, I find myself in a puddle...


By Larry Gordon There are two sides to every story and an equal number if not more to every construction project. There is always construction...

Twenty-Eight Years

By Yochanan Gordon Last week, while reviewing the theme for my article with my father and publisher, he stopped me, saying, “Aren’t you going to...


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