The Pomegranate: Part I

By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute We customarily eat pomegranate seeds on Rosh Hashanah and say: “May it be G-d’s will …. that we be full of good deeds like...

Halachic Musings: Schizophrenia and Procreation

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman There is a fascinating question raised in Chasuchei Chemed of Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein in Berachos (10a). A man found out that the genetic predisposition of his...

Sivan Rahav-Meir’s Shlichah Diary: Big Challenges

By Sivan Rahav-Meir Last week, at a shop in New York, I asked for a small cup of squeezed orange juice. The vendor gave me a huge cup full of...

The Rav’s Teshuvah Derasha to Be Screened at CitiField

A video of a 45-minute portion of a teshuvah derashah delivered by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, zt’l, will be screened at Torah New York, the Orthodox Union’s premier public...

Parashas Ki Seitzei: Practice Makes Perfect

By Rabbi Mordechai Young Ah, the good memories of the ice-cream truck coming down the block. Good Humor had four ice-cream bars on a stick, and every once in a...

Halachic Musings: Smile! It’s Back To School

  It is the first week of school across the tristate area, and students will be greeted by their teachers, both new and old. Many of these teachers have been...

What’s New About Our New Year?

  By Sivan Rahav Meir World Mizrachi Shlicha A new year begins. We are so used to this word — “new” — but the Torah asks us to stop and contemplate. To...

Kiddush Hashem in Life and Death

By Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg These last few months we have faced headlines with the words “kiddush Hashem” in bold letters. The places varied, the names were different, and the...

Parashat Shoftim: Of Men and Trees

  By Rabbi Moshe Bloom Torah VeHa’aretz Institute  “Are trees of the field human to withdraw before you into the besieged city?” (Devarim 20:19). Even at times of war and siege, the Torah...

British Court Orders Man to Pay Wife Maintenance Until He Issues Get

BY MARCY OSTER (JTA) — A British businessman must continue to pay his wife maintenance payments until he gives her a religious divorce, or get, a British appeals court ruled. Alan...
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Tillerson: Trump Was ‘Played’ by Netanyahu

Former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that U.S. President Donald Trump was “played” by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on...

Cantor Vegh to Officiate at Queens Jewish Center for High Holidays

Queens Jewish Center, located at 108th Street in Forest Hills, is pleased to announce that they have once again engaged Cantor Robert Vegh of...

Officials Confirm 2nd Measles Case in Nassau County

Another case of measles has been confirmed in Nassau County, just weeks after nearby New York City officials deemed the measles outbreak in the...

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