Halachic Musings: Kallah Drums Up Controversy In Bnei Brak

Videos and news items have been circulating of a kallah playing the drums at her wedding reception in Bnei Brak. First the chassan joined the band as a vocalist;...

Halachic Musings: Can Kohanim Ride Pirates of the Caribbean?

Disneyland in California has a famous attraction called “Pirates of the Caribbean” wherein one rides in a log through water and sees all sorts of pirates and their exploits....

Halachic Musings: Argh! Do UGGs Have Shatnez?

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Whether boots, slippers, or sneakers, the footwear called UGGs is behind the first major shatnez crisis of 2019. The UGG crisis led to thousands of phone calls...

From The BHI Hotline: Leaky Luggage, Part I

  My friend gave me an item to transport overseas, and I placed it inside my suitcase, which went into the plane’s cargo. When I reached my destination, I realized...

Business Halacha: ‘As-Is’ Sale

  Mr. Landau had a 12-year-old car for sale. Mr. Maimon inquired about it. “The car is old but is in good mechanical condition,” Mr. Landau said. “The battery has to...

Real Clear Daf: Key Concepts for Parashas Tetzaveh/Chullin

 Question: Are “beheimah” and “chaya” groups or elements? Answer: The answer to this question sheds light on Thursday’s daf (79) this week, which discusses hybrid animals. The main topic of our perek...

Business Halacha: Ruling By Mail

  Mr. Weiss and Mr. Schwartz were litigating for the first time in Rabbi Dayan’s beis din. They were not sure what to expect but found the process orderly, professional,...

Halachic Musings: Persuasion and Hashkafa

“I’m telling you, your wife will love this Palm Beach timeshare. Just sign here.” “You are going to love this remote start feature and the six-CD changer.” “But aren’t CDs becoming...

Halachic Musings: These Are the Names of Bnei Yisrael

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman Professor Dalton Conley of NYU is a well-known sociologist and author. He named his son “Yo Xing Heyno Augustus Eisner Alexander Weiser Knuckles,” reportedly the longest...

Rabbinical Alliance of America Opposes New York Abortion Law

New York recently adopted legislation that devalues life by liberalizing abortion laws in the state. The Rabbinical Alliance of America–Igud Harabbonim, representing more than 800 rabbis serving throughout the...

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SAR to Stop Accepting Religious Exemptions For Vaccines

NEW YORK (JTA) — A prominent Modern Orthodox school in New York City will no longer accept religious exemptions to vaccination from its students. Salanter...

Two Israel-Related Matters in Mueller Report

The U.S. Department of Justice released on Thursday the highly-anticipated report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that the Trump campaign did not collude with...

Jewish Community Preps for Multi-City Attack

BY RON KAMPEAS WASHINGTON (JTA) — Imagine three Pittsburghs, simultaneously — a multi-pronged murderous attack at Jewish institutions across the country. The Jewish community’s top security...

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