Halachic Musings: The Nine Days

From Rosh Chodesh Av: The Nine Days Eating meat and drinking wine. The Gemara forbids eating meat in the last meal before Tishah B’Av. Nonetheless, it is the custom not...

Halachic Musings: Singles-Minded Approach to Rosh Hashanah

  Rosh Hashanah is approaching, and the thoughts of many are about bringing shidduchim for ourselves, our children, and our siblings this year. Indeed, it is cited from the Bianer...

Thousands of Learners Connect at Torah New York

Torah took the mound at Citi Field as the Orthodox Union fielded a team of 29 internationally renowned scholars, who led classes on a wide array of 31 subjects...

Yoetzet Program Features Wine and Wisdom Event

By Lisa Septimus My oldest daughter was on her middle school debate team. Every time she was assigned a new topic, she would feel the pressure to come up with...

Yeshiva Darchei Aliya, Variety Connection Offer Free Chanukah STEM Projects

  Yeshiva Darchei Aliya (YDA) teams up with Variety Connection to distribute Chanukah projects for children that utilize STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) components to bring Chanukah to life. YDA...

Halachic Musings: Self Control Lessons Learned From Chris Cuomo

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman An incident occurred last Sunday on Shelter Island, when Governor Cuomo’s brother, Chris, 49, an anchor on CNN, was taking his family out to dinner. Apparently, a...

Social Media Kings And Queens

  By Yochanan Gordon I agree that this is an odd title for an article on Tisha B’Av, but allow me to explain. It’s very easy to focus on mourning, sadness,...

Halachic Musings: Water Recipes and Eating on Yom Kippur

  It is one of those things that no one really learns, almost like that invisible elephant in the room that we don’t want to talk about. Perhaps it is...

Pun Champion Sam Corbin Shares 30 Puns for Chanukah


Torah, Chuppah, And Ma’asim Tovim

This past Sunday was a memorable day for our family! We made a hachnasas sefer Torah that will not be forgotten. As we danced with this new Torah,...
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8-Year-Old Hasidic Boy Dies in NY Boating Accident

BY MARCY OSTER (JTA) — An 8-year-old boy who reportedly is a descendant of a prominent Hasidic rabbi died in a boating accident in New York. The...

Gluck: Celebrating Simcha Responsibly

  By Zvi Gluck Here we are again, in the home stretch of what has been a wonderful yom tov season, an inspirational and emotional period...

Slice Of Life: Vegetarian Soups

  By Eileen Goltz Based on a very unscientific survey of my friends and family, I’ve come to the conclusion that every single table that is...

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