From Where I Stand: Chukas Conduct Unbecoming

  By Rabbi Yossy Goldman A life sentence for jaywalking? Twenty years for chewing gum in public?! Singapore notwithstanding, surely that’s over the top. Was it so different for Moses, who, in...

Shulamith Torah Bowl

Led by captains Rivka Bennun and Meira Steiner, the Shulamith Middle Division Torah Bowl team competed at HANC in the Eastern Division on Tuesday, January 11. For the second...

Print This Out Before You Buy Arba Minim

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for LULAV The lulav must be four tefachim from where the lowest leaves are connected to the spine until the top of the spine not...

Torah For Life

Celebrating 7 Years Of Kollel Kol Shira By Yochanan Gordon The last mitzvah stated in the Torah is “And now you shall write for yourselves this shira (song) as a testimony...

Daf Yomi Key Concepts Parashas Matos-Masei – Zevachim

Question: What happens to the bones of a Korban Olah? Answer: We discussed this question in the daf this week on 85b–86a. The Mishnah on 85b rules that the bones of...

OU’s Day Of Torah, January 15

Daylong Learning, Inspiration, And Thought-Provoking Discussion About The Future Of Orthodoxy This Sunday, hundreds of men and women are to gather to learn and engage in an unprecedented day...

History Repeats Itself! Dirshu Holds Seder Nezikin Siyum In Same Hall As First Siyum...

By Chaim Gold It took almost nine decades for the sweet sounds of Torah to be heard again in the Sofiensaal Auditorium in Vienna; yet, during the first week of...

Pre-Chanukah Carnival At Mesivta Yam HaTorah

On motzaei Shabbos, December 17, Mesivta Yam HaTorah had a pre-Chanukah carnival for kids in the community. Despite the inclement weather that day and the cold temperature, over 100...

Scholar In Residence At Young Israel Of Lawrence-Cedarhurst

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein is a member of the Beit Din L’giyur of the Rabbinical Council of California. This beit din played an important role in helping the RCA arrive...

Review of Daf Yomi Key Concepts: Parashas Balak/Zevachim

Can we permit an item of questionable status based on a double doubt? We discussed this question on 74a in the daf this week. The major topic of our current...

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Israel, US Blast Russia Over S-300 Transfer to Syria

Israel and the United States strongly criticized Russia over its decision to transfer the advanced S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin...

Jewish American Tourist Killed in Jerusalem Hit-and-Run

An American Jewish tourist celebrating the Sukkot holiday in Israel was killed by a hit-and-run driver late Sunday night on the way back from...

Netanyahu: Israel to Continue Syria Operations to Prevent Iranian Entrenchment

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that Israel would continue to carry out military operations in Syria, issuing the pledge after Russia announced...

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